Thinking of the talent pipeline as a supply chain

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One of the key elements of thinking about talent in a supply chain model is that an organisation can analyse its current and future skills requirements in light of the talent it has in its “inventory” and pipeline, as well as where it can source the skills it needs to plug any anticipated gaps.

5 ways HR will look different in 2022

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HR departments been tasked with leading organisations through a black swan event, design and adapt plans for the return to the workplace and create new hybrid and models of working. It’s no wonder then that the HR job market is on fire.

Talking to the heart

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When employees believe (or can trust) that their employer cares about their wellbeing, they are far more equipped and motivated to perform. This has challenged OD and HR professionals, to relook at the definition of “care” and “wellness” within their organisations.

How to reduce employee change fatigue

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Change management will only succeed when communication is interwoven into every step of the process. The time, attention and energy invested to manage change is best applied not when the change is announced, but afterwards, as its effects start to play out – that is when employees actually need change management support.

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