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HP Z-Series: Customised For Ultimate Performance

November 5, 2020
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Buying an HP Z-Series workstation is an investment in powerful, specialised performance. When you buy a PC, you are probably looking for a computer that will cover all the bases – word processing, internet browsing, gaming, etc.

HP Z-series

The HP Z-Series Workstations are tailor-made for very particular skill sets and outputs over and above your day to day requirements. Their incredible power is intended for ultimate performance in specific, graphics-intensive niches such as photo editing, audio DAW, video-editing, and CAD work.

Covered In This Article:

CPU Cores Optimised
Recommended for: Photo Editing
Recommended for: Audio DAW and Video editing
Benefits of HP workstations

HP Z-Series CPU Cores Optimised

The secret to the Z-Series’ optimisation lies in the Core Processing Unit (CPU). The Z-Series is equipped with Intel Core™ i9 or Xeon™ processors. These incredibly powerful processors have configurations of between 10 and 18 cores for extremely high performance. Thanks to these processors, video editing, photo editing and architectural modelling are made that much smoother and faster on a Z-series desktop or ZBook. Aside from the maximised CPU power, common to all models in the Z-series, HP has created workstations with specific skill sets, such as the following:

Recommended For: Photo Editing

Z-series workstations are the ideal workstations for photo editing. The Z Mini and ZBook x2, are designed to work with all the most popular photo editing software, including Adobe PhotoShop and LightRoom. You can zoom in to every detail and stay in the creative zone as your hardware and software work seamlessly together.

Recommended For: Audio DAW & Video Editing

HP has partnered with Avid Technologies to design digital audio workstations (DAW) that are specifically designed for audio engineers and video editing. Z-Series workstations are the go-to for editors, sound designers, animators and special effects artists. The HP Z6 G4 is particularly favoured by VFX artists because of its ability to handle massive amounts of data and fast rendering.

Benefits Of HP Z-Series Workstations

The combined efforts of HP’s engineers give HP workstations an unparalleled set of benefits that makes them the first choice of technical or creative professionals. These include:

  • Extreme reliability: Z-Series workstations are put through the most extreme tests to ensure that they work reliably and consistently under all conditions.
  • Unthrottled performance: HP has designed a cooling system that keeps each workstation at functional temperatures, without throttling performance. 
  • Toolless access: For users who need to access their systems to change a graphics card or hard drive, HP workstations are designed with easily removable components, allowing you to open up your machine without even needing to have a screwdriver on hand.
  • Dreamcolor displays: The first liquid crystal display that is genuinely suitable for production and post-production work helps media and entertainment professionals to rest assured that the colours they see on their screens accurately represent the content and the look of the final deliverable.
  • Inking technology: Z-Series workstations are optimised for comfortable, accurate inking work with responsive and intuitive pressure and angle adjustments that replicate the experience of working with pencil and paper.
  • World’s most secure workstations: HP workstations are equipped with multi-level security solutions that will keep your data safe. 

Let Tarsus Distribution help you find the perfect HP Z-Series workstation for yourself or your team. Contact us for more information.

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