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Power, uninterrupted


A reliable supply of power is something no business can do without. In today’s unpredictable environment of power outages and disruptions, your business needs a reliable, scalable backup solution to ensure your ongoing business operations. We provide a range of small to large industry-leading backup power solutions that you can trust to suit every budget and need, providing you backup power when you need it.

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In a connected world, energy is the backbone of connectivity. To ensure that your business never experiences any downtime, data loss, decreased productivity, loss of income or damage to equipment, amongst others, you need to have a safe and reliable power supply alternative.  We’ve partnered with global leaders who provide the exact solutions needed for your problems. From power banks to inverters and transformer-based uninterruptible power supply (UPS), we supply power solutions for your home office, data centre and even the demanding environments found in the mining industry.  

You can trust our professional expertise in finding a solution that meets your unique business needs and helps you keep your business operational and profitable. 

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Solution Offerings

Home office


Reduce disruption at home or at the office by powering your devices such as your notebook, WiFi routers and TVs for hours with our range of power banks/UPS and inverter options.
Small to Medium Business

Small to medium business

Get affordable power protection by using intelligent line interactive or online UPS systems to protect and power up desktops, notebooks or any edge solutions.
Large-Scale Businesses

Large-scale businesses

Protect your data centre and business with a 3-phase UPS power supply solution. Ideal for your protecting and maintaining your equipment’s load until the generator starts up or allows a safe shutdown.
Rack Power distribution Units

Rack power distribution units (PDU)

Ensure delivery of critical power to IT loads with our wide range of edge and data centre rack solutions from basic PDUs to fully managed PDUs offering configurability, power quality management and monitoring capabilities.
Mining and industrial UPSs

Mining and industrial UPSs

Deliver secure power to the most demanding industrial environments with robust transformer-based UPSs. Specifically developed for the harsh environments with the ability to withstand extreme conditions.
Monitor Software

Monitoring software

Configure and monitor your live environments with intelligent UPS systems that also allow you to restart applications via the network management card.

Technology Partners

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