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Digitisation and innovation - the engine for growth

In the 21st century, businesses need to position themselves to enable digital transformation and to leverage technical innovation as the engine for growth. This requires the implementation of digital infrastructure products across everything from compute and networking, to 5G and security. H3C Networking is a trusted partner in delivering a comprehensive one-stop digital platform that encompasses the various Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies, alongside servers, storage and end-to-end technical services.



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Accelerating the ‘digital native’ transformation

Digital transformation is a complex and long-term journey, although the maturity and popularity of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cloud, 5G, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is speeding up their integration into all types of industries. 

H3C accelerates its clients’ transformation into ‘digital native organisations’, through its Cloud & AI Native strategy. This offers inherently smart products and fully cloud-based solutions that are integrated with intelligence and thoroughly empowered, being referred to as the ‘Digital Brain’. H3C can assist you to build your own Digital Brain - a Smart Digital Platform that is composed of Digital Infrastructure, Cloud and Intelligence Platforms, Active Security, and Unified Operations and Maintenance Services. 

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The fastest and most secure remote access, support and management tools


H3C offers a wide range of routers, including Cluster Routers, which provide network longevity, unmatched network scale, reliability and cost effectiveness, and High-End Routers, which provide high forwarding performance and standard protocols to adapt to variety of scenarios, cover all network layer and roles, and offer high reliability for key components.

Aggregation Routers allow for multiple CPUs, distributed computing, modular design, high available architecture, virtualisation, and openness - ideal for carriers, governments, and enterprise customers. Branch Routers, meanwhile, give enterprises the flexibility to expand their business, and provide high performance of network. Deep integration of other H3C solutions - such as routing, switching, security and wireless - help to achieve an all-in-one network experience.

ICT Converged Gateways integrate computing and storage capabilities and offers an open operating architecture. These gateways can rapidly integrate with third-party customised applications, improving the efficiency and reliability of service processing. 


Data Centre Spine Switches are AI intelligent switches that provide high-performance, higher forwarding efficiency, accurate congestion control and hierarchical scheduling functions. These switches are positioned for large scale cloud data centres, high-performance computing, the core of large enterprises and high-density 10G/40G/100G aggregation applications and Data Centre class high availability. 

Data Centre Leaf Switches are high-density, cloud-ready, intelligent, flexible and programmable switches for cloud data centres, cloud computing networks and high-end campuses. They offer powerful hardware forwarding capabilities and rich data centre service features. 

Campus Core Switches are designed for the core layer of data centres and next-generation campus networks, converged service networks as well as the distribution layer of Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs). they offer multi-plane switching architecture, great bandwidth scalability and support rich virtualisation features and a wide range of data centre features. <br><br> Campus Access Switches are a highly reliable and scalable high-density intelligent switch series, developed for data centres and cloud computing networks. These provide powerful hardware forwarding capacity, flexible programmability, powerful visibility and abundant data centre features.   

SMB & SOHO Switches have been developed as a series of low-end switches to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprise customers who need to build a campus or office network. Both SMB and SOHO series switches have rich characteristics, ranging from Layer 2 to Layer 3 switch, from unmanaged model to full network managed model, and  from non-PoE to PoE switch, to meet the varied requirements of smaller businesses. 


H3C UniServer G3 Series: aimed at mid to large enterprises, this server series offers remarkable improvement and optimisation of server performance and data centre efficiency. They enhance the scalability and configuration flexibility for modern data centres, while delivering high-level energy efficiency. Excellent at handling of data-intensive workloads with flexible expansion, these servers are ideal for those clients leveraging big data, cloud computing and virtualisation.

H3C UniServer G5 Series: Providing outstanding performance, as well as multiple innovation on rack design, this series’ industrial-leading performance improves data centre productivity, and delivers unmatched availability, scalability and flexibility, rapid deployment, low power consumption and full life-cycle management, to reduce TCO.  


H3C’s Wireless Access Controller (ACs) range offers flexible choice for the configuration of AC capability, high availability with AC virtualisation, hierarchical AC architecture for centralised management, along with scalability and high performance.

H3C’s Wireless Access Points (APs) offer new generation OFDMA technology for 802.11ax AP with higher throughput and speed. These APs are capable of handling high-density scenarios, while the IoT AP offers a unique and scalable chained power supply solution.


H3C SecPath Firewalls offer new-generation high-performance and come in two ranges - one for large-scale enterprise campus networks, service providers and data centres, and one for for small and medium enterprises, campus egress, and WAN branches. With high-performance software and hardware and powerful security protection features, these firewalls offer flexible, extensible, integrated and advanced security.

H3C SecPath Multiservice Security Gateway is a new-generation high-performance firewall for cloud computing data centres, Carrier-Grade NAT (CGN), large-sized enterprises, and campus networks. This solution delivers all-around attack defence, abnormal traffic cleaning, unknown threat detection, server connection detection and sensitive data protection.

H3C SecPath Load Balance has been developed by H3C for operators, enterprise exports and small and medium-sized data centres. It provides load balancing functions, improving the application access speed of network services, and the business continuity of network services. It increases the total application access capacity of network services, improves the security of network services, and improves the utilisation rate of network service clusters.


Your partner in a service-driven engagement model


As the longest-established IT distributor in South Africa, Tarsus Distribution is uniquely positioned to meet the channel’s needs for credit funding, stock availability and efficient logistics. This way, resellers can deliver the best possible service, support and solutions to small and mid-sized end-user customers at the lowest possible cost. 

Tarsus also prides itself in providing technical skills to its reseller community and helping suppliers and resellers disengage from a product-driven mantra and instead engage in service-driven solution offerings that solve customers’ problems and get the job done.