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The benefits of being an HPE GreenLake reseller

October 26, 2022
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HPE GreenLake is the best option for any reseller who wants to offer the top data storage platforms to their clients.

If you are a reseller, you are constantly striving to strengthen your relationships with existing clients while simultaneously attracting new business.

Client retention and acquisition are particularly important during tough economic times – and the best way to achieve them is by offering the top products on the market.

For resellers that provide data services to their clients, the popular HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform is one of the best data platforms – thanks to the extensive benefits and capabilities on offer.

The HPE platform is famous for providing unrivalled flexibility, in-depth features, robust security, and opening opportunities across data centre, edge, and colocation infrastructure.

Covered In This Article

Unrivalled freedom
Feature-rich technology
Superb insights
Robust data security
Partner benefits

Unrivalled freedom

HPE GreenLake was purpose-built to bring the cloud experience to a business’s full range of apps and data – no matter whether they’re on the edge, in colocation centres, or in data centres.

This versatility is crucial as your clients have come to appreciate the flexibility of the cloud in certain areas of their business.

Providing this same flexibility across their entire organisation’s data systems is, therefore, the next logical step.

HPE GreenLake offers all the features that make the cloud so popular - including self-service, pay-per-use models, and the ability to scale your resources up and down - yet allows you to store this data wherever you want.

For businesses committed to digital transformation, this versatility makes HPE GreenLake the perfect fit as they transition to new and improved ways of leveraging the full benefits of their data.

Feature-rich technology

HPE GreenLake is just as feature-rich as it is flexible, making it the best platform for your clients’ data management needs.

One of the ways it adds value is by automating repetitive tasks that would usually consume a lot of time and, by extension, human resources.

By handling these repetitive tasks automatically, HPE GreenLake empowers your employees to perform more critical tasks - such as developing new applications, launching AI/ML projects, and managing compliance, costs, and capacity.

These tasks are greatly simplified by HPE GreenLake being a managed service that improves IT resource efficiency by about 60% overall, according to Forrester estimates.

Another reason for this improved resource efficiency is that HPE GreenLake supports more advanced automation that leverages API access to enable integration into all of your processes and toolchains.

This ensures your HPE GreenLake platform does not operate in a silo, and instead works seamlessly with your business’s other data solutions to forge a single, unified, and robust ecosystem.

Superb insights

HPE GreenLake is about more than just streamlining your data systems, however.

It takes all the data across your business ecosystem – both on the edge and in the cloud – and helps you transform it into tangible, real-time insights.

This process is simplified by the powerful tools HPE GreenLake offers, helping organisations that currently struggle to leverage their data to transform into data-first industry leaders.

Comprehensive data insights are arguably the best weapon a business can have in the constant war against inefficiency, which makes HPE GreenLake a crucial product for any organisation that wants to maximise its data management.

Robust data security

None of these great features would convince businesses to use HPE GreenLake if they were not confident that their data is secure.

Unsurprisingly, HPE GreenLake offers comprehensive security that will close gaps in a business’s existing data systems.

It achieves this by enabling a zero-trust framework that ensures cloud, data centre, and edge infrastructure will not be compromised by unauthorised access.

HPE GreenLake’s silicon-to-cloud approach will also help protect businesses against ransomware attacks by securing touchpoints in their digital systems that would traditionally be considered points of risk.

Should a worst-case scenario happen, HPE GreenLake continually takes snapshots of the data systems so you can “rewind” to whenever you wish – even just a few seconds into the past if this is desired.

These backups benefit from HPE GreenLake’s built-in encryption capabilities, too, ensuring all backup data is protected no matter where it is stored.

The data security benefits do not stop there, and HPE GreenLake naturally incorporates its complex and distributed IT systems into a single ecosystem.

This quells any compliance concerns organisations may have, as it is far easier to ensure all data is stored according to the appropriate regulations if it is all facilitated by a single platform.

Compliance is one of the biggest challenges businesses face in 2022, so HPE GreenLake’s simplification of a business’s data systems is an incredibly popular feature.

Partner benefits

HPE GreenLake can be the perfect platform for your clients’ needs, and Tarsus Distribution is the leading distributor of this product in South Africa.

As an HPE GreenLake reseller and managed service provider, you will become part of the HPE GreenLake for Partners program when working with Tarsus Distribution.

The program is designed to help you earn an increased margin through HPE GreenLake’s as-a-service model, which provides value both to you and to your clients.

Your clients will only have to pay for what they use, yet you can upsell and support their scaling of resources as they grow and require more extensive data management requirements.

The process of upselling is made simple by the HPE GreenLake as-a-service business model. You can adjust your clients’ existing contracts rather than needing to craft a new one each time a client wants to take advantage of new services and resources within the HPE GreenLake ecosystem.

By making the upselling process simple, HPE GreenLake has enabled resellers to maximise the potential return they can get from each client - and increase client retention by ensuring the client always has access to the exact resources and services they need.

The future of business data systems is powered by HPE GreenLake – so become a partner today.

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