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Dell Displays and Peripherals

March 2, 2022
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When buying a new desktop, laptop, or notebook, there are a number of peripheral devices that you'll have to consider apart from the specs of the actual computer you're buying. Dell displays and peripherals include a wide variety of monitors and other add-on devices to customise your computer to your unique needs. Although peripherals are generally considered an unimportant part of your PC purchase, your choices can have a big impact on the practical usability of your computer, and its ability to deliver on technical aspects – like the image or sound quality, for example – that will have an impact on your user experience, depending on what you use your computer for. Whatever your requirements are, the range of Dell displays and peripherals will have the solutions you need. 

Dell Displays and Peripherals

Important Considerations When Buying A New Monitor

Computer monitors and screens are divided into three categories in terms of image resolution. A 4K screen has horizontal resolutions of 4,000 pixels, with the "K" referring to "kilo" – or thousand. You can also find 5K and 8K screens on the market. The pixel resolution in either 4K, 5K, or 8K screens makes a difference in how sharp, defined, or detailed an image or video displays.

The first thing to think about is the purpose for which the screen will be used. Getting a computer for general home use, which can also function as a multimedia hub, is different from choosing a screen display for professional use, especially if you work in graphic design, video editing, and rendering, or design applications for architecture and engineering that requires absolute accuracy in every detail, such as the Autodesk suite of 3D rendering programs.

Other important features to take into account are whether you need extra screen real estate in the form of a wide-screen, ultra-widescreen display, or multiple monitors. Widescreen displays are often preferred by professionals working with image, video, and design rendering. There is also the option of choosing between a flat LCD or LED – the difference between the two is that an LCD monitor uses fluorescent back lights, while an LED monitor uses light-emitting diodes, which makes it more energy-efficient – screen or a curved screen, which is mainly dictated by personal preference. Then there is of course screen size to consider. Monitors come in many sizes, from the standard 13" or 14" display to 30", 50", or even larger. Again, the correct size is determined by the type of work you do and how much screen real estate you need.

Dell Displays & Peripherals – Monitors

When it comes to buying a new computer, the screen size, resolution, and graphics display of your monitor or laptop screen are important specifications, along with the amount of memory, RAM, and other considerations. It is advisable to buy the best you can afford, but by the same token, you need to be sure of what you really need to avoid unnecessary expenses. Dell EMC produces PC monitors in five categories: Multimedia and entertainment monitors, essential monitors, home office monitors, premium monitors, and touch monitors.

Features You Can Expect From Your Dell Monitor In Any Category

All of the monitors in the latest ranges from Dell feature glossy, thin bezels (a bezel is a frame around the LCD/LED screen), easy access buttons on the front of the screen, and are mounted on tiltable, raised stands that you can adjust to your comfort level. All ranges boast wide viewing angles and are enabled by In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology that produces rich, vibrant colours from any angle. The entire range of new Dell monitors are compatible with both legacy and future devices through visual graphics array (VGA) and high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) connectivity, and the stands are now 30% smaller than before, freeing up desk space without compromising the stability of the screen. A built-in power supply unit further reduces clutter. With the optional Dell displays and peripherals DisplayPort 1.2 output device you can hook up dual monitors, and you can also buy a dual monitor stand or wall mount.

Dell Displays and Peripherals

You can work across multiple monitors with ease with predefined templates and software applications such as Easy Arrange. Dell's Display Manager arranges your applications on tiles across multiple screens to make multi-tasking easier, and you can get back to any specific task with Auto-restore, an application that remembers where you left off in a particular application or file, even if you've shut down and unplugged your computer.

All monitors are TUV certified – TUV certification means that the product meets the minimum standards of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act, which has become the global standard – are flicker-free, and are made with ComfortView, a feature that reduces harmful blue light emissions by up to 60%, lessening the strain on your eyes. Built-in speakers enable acoustic alerts and audio for video viewing and conferencing.
All Dell monitors meet the latest regulatory and environmental requirements such as EnergyStar, EPEAT Gold, TCO, and CECP certification. Energy efficiency is a central element in Dell's monitor designs with all monitors enabled with the PowerNap feature that dims or puts your monitor to sleep when it’s not in use. In addition, the new range of monitors uses LED backlighting which is much more energy-efficient, drawing less than 0.5W of current when in standby mode and a mere 11W in operational mode. Dell monitors are made with arsenic-free glass and mercury-free LED panels. Its circuit boards are made from brominated flame retardant (BFR)- and PVC-free laminates and your new monitor is made with more than 25% recycled plastic.

Dell's commitment to sustainability is part of every business process, with all monitors being shipped without the use of styrofoam in the packaging and box materials that are made of at least 75% recycled cardboard. Dell Technologies is committed to reducing environmental impact throughout the product life cycle. Read more about their commitment to sustainability and their 2030 Social Impact goals, and product carbon footprints.

Finally, all Dell displays and peripherals come with the Advanced Exchange Service which is part of the standard three-year warranty.

Dell Multimedia & Entertainment Monitors

The Dell range of multimedia monitors includes a number of different devices in 22", 23", and 24" categories. Each of the screen size categories includes multiple different products with different features, such as either a flat-screen or a curved screen layout. Take a look at the individual monitors in Dell's range of multimedia and entertainment models if you think that this range is best suited to your requirements.

For movie lovers and gamers, the multimedia monitor range allows you to enjoy high-speed action with a 1ms (millisecond) Moving Picture Response Time (MPRT) and 4ms GtG (Gray to Gray) response time, and a quick 165Hz refresh rate, which means no irritating blurring while you're watching your favourite video or are immersed in your online gaming.

Dell Displays and Peripherals

Dell Essential Monitors

The Dell range of essential monitors has been the best selling range of monitors worldwide for the 4th year running. They are available in 17", 19", 20", 21.5", 24", and 27" screen sizes. Sometimes referred to as the E-series of monitors, the various screen sizes have individual products or models with different features. Have a look through each of the E-series models of monitors if you feel that this series is the one for you.

With optional Display Port connectors from the range of Dell displays and peripherals, you can connect a number of laptops, and switch easily between different users through USB-C connectivity – ideal for shared work spaces. The E-Series can accommodate legacy and future systems with VGA, DP, and HDMI ports to connect to practically any device, so you can customise your workspace to your needs.

Dell Home Office Monitors

The Dell EMC home office range of monitors comes in 22", 23", 24", 27", 32", 34", and 86" screen sizes to cater to any home office setup. This range includes a variety of different monitors with different features, so you can browse through them to find a model that has the features you require for your home office.

Dell Displays and Peripherals
Dell's home office range of monitors offers several extremely useful features to increase your productivity, increase your comfort levels while you work, help you stay in touch with remote colleagues, and multi-task across multiple screens. Innovative cable management design also removes excess clutter from your workspace. With accessibility to multiple screens being a core component of the home office range, the ability to have multiple applications and tasks open simultaneously and arranged neatly across your screens can increase your productivity by up to 18%.

The home office range has a particular emphasis on bigger screen sizes and more screen real estate, so you can see more and scroll less, while wide viewing angles give you rich, vibrant colours – no matter where you sit.

The 24" home office range features a convenient pop-up webcam, which you can push back down to slot into the top of the monitor when your video conference is over. The webcam delivers superior clarity and colour of video, ideal for video conferencing. Home office monitors have dual 5W echo-canceling speakers built-in, with a mute button situated conveniently on the front of the screen if you need to pop out of a conference for a minute to take care of an immediate task.

The home office range allows you to log in without a password with secure Windows Hello face recognition software, while the Windows 10 and 11 Cortana application – an AI-based assistant that activates spoken commands on your PC such as opening or closing windows, scheduling meetings, organising your calendar, or setting reminders and alarms, allows for hands-free multitasking. Once you have Cortana activated for voice commands on your PC, you can for example try saying the command "schedule an appointment for three o'clock with Joe" and Cortana will add the appointment to your calendar and set up reminders for it. With multiple ports to accommodate USB, AVG, HDMI, and headphone or speaker jacks, you can connect your home office monitor to practically any peripheral device, including devices that require A or C-type USB ports to function.

The enormous 86" screen is the ideal canvas for displaying 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) images with which you can engage your audience, while twenty-point InGlass touch functionality enables you to interface with touch commands and even draw or write on the screen in real-time with the Dell Active Pen stylus.

Dell Displays and Peripherals

Dell Premium Monitors
The premium range of Dell displays and peripherals comes in 25", 27", 30", 32", and 34" screen sizes, with a number of devices in each of the screen size categories. Take a look at the different models in this category as they have different features to suit the needs of different clients. If the premium range is what you're looking for, take a tour through this category of monitors to see which device meets your unique needs.
What sets the premium range apart from the other monitors is an emphasis on the quality of the resolution, and colour display on the screen. This range is aimed particularly at professionals who work in fields that require highly detailed, sharply contrasted, and nature-identical, models, designs, and videos. The premium range features a built-in colorimeter with Dell's Calibration Assistant application furthermore automating your colour calibrations and validations, saving you time. With the Colour Management application, you can run colour calibration reports, modify your colour settings and profiles, and more. In addition, the premium range is able to work seamlessly with CalMAN software that performs a variety of tasks related to colour, resolution, and contrast. Furthermore, you can turn or swivel the screen to any angle you prefer, from a vertical to a horizontal, to a slanted view.

The premium range of Dell displays and peripherals comes standard with a detachable shading hood to eliminate glare and reflections, made from material that absorbs ambient light so your view of the screen is absolutely clear. The Ultra HD 4K resolution and high pixel density delivers exceptionally detailed visuals, and a remarkable shade range, from the brightest whites to the deepest darks, with the Uniformity Compensation feature enabling consistent brightness across the entire screen.

Dell Touch Monitors

The touch range comes in 24", 36", and 86" display sizes, with the 86" mentioned earlier as a useful device for the home office, enabling video conferencing and a giant display for presentations that can be connected to a standard laptop or desktop for keyboard interfacing, the touch interface, and of course the real-time display of on-screen drawing and writing with the Dell stylus, which you can erase with your hand or with a cloth.

Dell Displays and Peripherals

You can tap, swipe, pinch, and slide from edge to edge with remarkable responsiveness on the touch range of anti-glare monitors. Work from any position with an articulating stand that can transition the screen from the tilt of a standard desktop monitor down to a 60-degree angle. Advanced In-Cell Touch technology makes glass-free, smooth displays possible that are anti-glare and which reduces reflections and fingerprints.  Multiple users can interact with the screen simultaneously with the InGlass 20-point touch capability.

Dell Displays & Peripherals – Additional Devices

Whether you are an on-premise worker, a remote home office worker, an on-site worker in the field, or a general home user of desktops, notebooks, and laptops, Dell displays and peripherals offer products to optimise your user experience and your productivity. All Dell displays and peripherals are designed and tested to work optimally, and come with a standard three-year warranty and Advanced Exchange Service if you should experience any problems with any of the products.

Dell Displays & Peripherals: Interface Devices For Desktops, Laptops & The 86" Display Screen

Dell displays and peripherals offer interface devices such as keyboard and mouse combos, which are also available in wireless form allowing you to switch from desktop to laptop or any other display device via 2.4GHz Bluetooth LTE. Keyboards are designed for comfort, can be tilted, and designed to be compact so you can maximise your desktop space. Both keyboards and mouse devices come in different model designs and features, which you can have a detailed look at before making your decision. Another interface device on offer in the range of Dell displays and peripherals is the Active Pen, a stylus that can be used on touchscreen monitors to draw or write in real-time, so any other user watching your presentation remotely immediately sees anything you write or sketch on the screen.

Dell Displays & Peripherals: Docking Stations & Multi-Port Connectors

The range of Dell displays and peripherals features multiple docking stations and connectors so you can connect to legacy devices and upcoming devices through the standard USB connection, VGA, the more recent HDMI, and the new USB type-A and type-C connections. You can choose a docking station with multiple ports so you can link up all the devices you work with, such as multiple monitors, wired keyboard and mouse combos, printers, and mobile storage devices. A particularly useful adapter is the Dell USB-C Mobile Adapter – DA310, with which you can connect external and portable speakers, power banks, storage devices, and even other USB type-C laptops and notebooks.


Dell Displays and Peripherals

Dell Displays & Peripherals: External & Portable Storage Devices

The range of Dell displays and peripherals offers a range of external portable solid-state drives (SSDs) with 1TB and 2TB capacities, giving you enough memory to store all your information and safely make multiple backups. These devices come in the form of an external SSD drive, such as the Dell external USB DVD+/- RW Drive- DW316.

Dell Displays and Peripherals

If you're used to using the traditional USB flash disk, get ready for the ultra-small and sleek portable thunderbolt 3 SSD, 1TB. Not only is it the size of a regular USB memory stick, but it is also an SSD, which is faster than the regular HDD, and packs a huge 1TB storage capacity.

Dell Displays and Peripherals

Dell Displays & Peripherals: Powerbanks, Headsets, Speakerphones, Portable Speakers & Soundbars

Although Dell's mobile laptops and notebooks boast extra-long battery lives, if you're planning on being on the go for an extended period you can also choose between three mobile power bank devices from the range of Dell displays and peripherals. The Dell notebook Power Bank Plus – USB C, 65Wh - PW7018LC or the Dell notebook Power Bank Plus (Barrel) - 65Wh - PW7015L which you can use not only to power up your notebook, but other devices as well such as tablets and smartphones. Additionally, the Dell Power Companion (18 000mAh) PW7015L and Slim Power Adapter - 65 Watt can power up laptops as well, along with all the other devices (notebooks, tablets, and smartphones) the power banks can recharge on the go.

As we've come to expect, the range of Dell displays and peripherals offers a variety of devices in each category, from wired, stationary devices to portable Bluetooth wireless devices. There are five different headsets you can choose from, such as the Dell Pro Stereo Headset - WH3022, and the Dell Pro Wireless Headset - WL5022. You can also choose from a range of Dell-compatible external speakers such as the Dell Stereo Soundbar – AC511M, and the Dell AX210 USB Stereo Speaker System.

Then there is also the super convenient portable speaker sets Dell produces such as the Dell Adapter Speakerphone MH3021P.

Dell Displays and PeripheralsDell Displays & Peripherals: Carry Cases, Backpacks & Briefcases

Whether you are a professional on the go or a student moving from a class to the library on campus, the range of Dell displays and peripherals offers a wide range of carry cases, backpacks, and briefcases with all the necessary partitions and space for you to store your mobile laptop or notebook, tablet, mobile speakers, headphones, power banks, or any other peripheral supplies you may need during your day.
Dell Displays and Peripherals
All Dell's carry cases and backpacks are made from durable, sturdy materials that will last beyond the lifetime of your actual devices and makes organising and transporting all your computer necessities – and your computer itself – with absolute convenience.

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