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South Africa Loves Ink Tank Printers

July 26, 2018
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Tarsus Distribution has seen an uptick in the demand for printers that use high-capacity ink tank systems by home and small office users, like Epson’s EcoTank range. Epson’s EcoTank printers employ ink tanks that are firstly high-capacity, and secondly refilled with spill-proof bottles of high-quality ink. The core appeal of these systems is that they offer hassle-free printing at high volumes, and at a lower cost than traditional inkjet printing systems – all while still maintaining the expected level of output quality. The choice of  ink tank printers in South Africa just got wider.

ink tank printer

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Fast And Mess-Free

Fast & Mess-Free

The entire process of refilling them is fast and mess-free, too, and the sheer volume of the tanks means thousands of printed pages, not hundreds, per set of bottles at a cost that’s often less than that of traditional ink cartridges. This dramatically drops the cost per printed page – even in colour – something cost-conscious South Africans really appreciate. Read more about ink tank printers in South Africa.

The integrated high-capacity ink tanks in the EcoTank series mean ink is supplied continuously to the printer with no cartridges to replace,” says Nicole Anderson, Epson product manager at Tarsus Technology Group.

Easy Top-Ups

You simply top up the tank with Epson ink bottles and keep on printing. It’s more convenient, and better value, too, because you get plenty of ink with the printer. Some models in the range come with the equivalent of 60 cartridges worth of ink. We’re seeing strong demand for these products in the home and small to medium enterprise segment alike.

Here’s a video showing a rundown of what the EcoTank ink tank printer system has to offer:

Ink Tank Printers Available From Tarsus Distribution In South Africa

Epson’s entire range of EcoTank Ink Tank System printers is available to all Tarsus Distribution resellers, covering small but sturdy workhorses and multi-function office beasts that do scanning, copying, and emailing as well.

Ink Tank Printers In South Africa

People are printing more than ever, whether it’s preparing a pack of documents for a presentation, printing off tickets and vouchers, or preparing kids’ homework. With the EcoTank series, you can be sure you’ll have plenty of ink for your work and personal needs, even if your children are exuberant printers or you need to frequently run off a lot of colour documents for work,” Anderson concludes.

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For more information on Epson’s EcoTank printer range or to place an order, you can contact Nicole Anderson on 011 531 1000 or send her an email.

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