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Lalela Retail is the leading importer of high quality Wifi UPS devices which keep you connected during power outages. The units are portable, compact, high quality and come highly recommended by our loyal clients.



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Why Choose Lalela ?

Lalela Retail (PTY) LTD is a distributor of quality IT products in South Africa with headquarters in Johannesburg. We are synonymous with excellence and ingenuity as our products are procured and manufactured through partner factories built on years of collaboration, mutual trust, and understanding; allowing us to offer you total piece of mind when working with us.


Lalela Retail has partnered with some of the best factories to ensure that their products are superior, high quality and affordable.
The products range from smart home tech right through to general IT equipment that they assure will meet your high standards of approval.

Power Back-up Solutions

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Wifi UPS

Portable Devices with high quality lithium ion batteries, which provide 4.5 – 10 hours backup power for up to 2 devices; WIFI Routers, LTE Routers, ONT

Laptop UPS

Supply backup power for one to two devices simultaneously. Device connection lasts from 2.5-7,5 hours depending on product and usage

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