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Future-Proof Your Business With Windows Server

December 4, 2020
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This year has definitely brought us all closer… to our couches. We’ve become so well acquainted with home comforts that we’ve fallen out of touch with office life. Sure, you could keep working from home, but you have the feeling your dog isn’t exactly the best partner to bounce ideas off of. As the great migration back to the office commences, shouldn’t business be equipped to be and do better? Let's delve into what Windows Server has to offer.

Windows Server

The fact that millions of people around the world were able to continue working securely throughout lockdown periods is a testament to how vital digital technology is, no matter where you work from. We adapted, and now our businesses should, too. Despite how reliant we clearly are on technology, the reluctance to purchase new essential server hardware and better software means many businesses have behind, particularly when it comes to three key factors:  

  • Innovation  
  • Performance 
  • Security 

Your server is the digital heart and support of your business. New server technology has delivered massive increases in data storage and processing capabilities, as well as big leaps in security and compliance protections. In short, if your server is outdated, your business might be too. To ensure yours is doing all it can, contact Tarsus Distribution to renew your server license today. 

Microsoft officially ended support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 in January 2020. Businesses running these outdated server versions will no longer receive the requisite security updates, potentially leaving them vulnerable to security threats and feeling at risk. Nevertheless, there are still businesses using this software – which is now over a decade old. That’s a lifetime in the digital age. For small and mid-sized businesses, it’s the ideal time to get the support required and upgrade to the current version of Windows Server. Here’s why: 

Faster Performance For Increased Productivity 

Increasing data and storage needs impact every business, and Microsoft’s modern solutions can keep yours ahead of the curve – this is essential. 

The latest Windows Server offers the storage capacity and computing capability to enable future growth and adaptability for your organisation. With more power and enhanced data storage, you gain better and faster business insights – even from home. That means greater access to information and increased efficiency in how it’s used.  

Windows Server 2019 comes equipped with access to artificial intelligence and machine learning with hybrid capabilities, with the indispensable ability to run advanced applications, both traditional and cloud-native. Less complexity and more user control allow you to optimise operations and effectively manage your Windows-based environments, crucial to your business. Other utilities include device connectivity, streamlining existing processes, and identifying inefficiencies. It’s a purpose-built solution to update and unlock performance gains across your organisation.   

 Better Security For Threat Detection & Data Protection 

Older servers were not designed to protect against security threats that have emerged in recent years. From a time when viruses were the primary concern, businesses now face more sinister threats like data theft, phishing, spyware and ransomware.   

The Windows Server 2019 update boasts built-in protection that reduces the risk of security breaches by allowing you to designate what can run on your servers.  Finely tuned access controls can detect when unauthorised users or machines are trying to connect to your systems. Furthermore, Credential Guard protects you against access from hackers with stolen credentials.  You’ll have the support and security essential to your business, with the Windows Server 2019 install. 

These upgraded security features also help businesses meet regulatory and compliance objectives, including GDPR and HIPAA. The new operating system handles security, compliance, and governance management for end-to-end protection across your entire organisationThis consolidated solution will adapt to emerging threats, prevent attacks, and detect suspicious activity before it can harm your business.  

Cloud Capability For Enhanced Mobility Through Windows Server

Cloud computing is an indispensable tool for businesses, and if yours isn’t connected then it's falling behind.   

The Windows Server 2019 install offers easy integration with Microsoft Azure, to connect your business to the cloud. The best part? You get to do it on your own terms, no matter where you feel like working from. Migrating to the cloud is a means to prepare your business and support your workforce for the future. The invaluable backup and data recovery features offer total peace of mind, and the advanced analytics and IoT capabilities deliver deeper insights and a clearer view of how your business operates.  

The upgraded servers’ cloud-connected operating system unlocks new ways to run applications on-premises or in the cloud. Both Linux and Windows-based apps can be run on Windows Server containers or virtual machines so that you can run the apps you need on the platforms they were designed for. The name of the game is flexibility, and with the upgraded server your business will be more agile and more scalable, putting you in total control.  

Future-Proof Your Business With Windows Server

Anyone still using the OS after January has left their organisations vulnerable to data breaches, not to mention lawsuits for non-compliance with security standards ... these companies are running their businesses on 12-year-old technology. That means they are not only behind the competition, but also behind the technology curve of massively increased capacity for data and processing storage.” (Goldstuck) 

More capable, more streamlined, and more secure. The new Windows Server enables your business to run as efficiently as possible and keeps you up to speed through digital innovation. You and your coach had a good thing while it lasted, but once you upgrade to the security and comfort of Windows Server 2019, you’ll feel right at home.  

Renew your Windows Server 2008 licence today and let technology take your business to the next level. Contact Tarsus Distribution or visit our website for more information.  

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