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Efficiency and productivity - from anywhere

In today’s digital world, it makes sense to work from anywhere, as a remote approach to business is more efficient and productive. TeamViewer affords users the benefit of not only remote access and work but even remote support. Providing unrestricted access to all your files, applications, mobile devices and servers - with no need for a VPN - and able to support any mobile device, TeamViewer is a singular product that works on any device and offers an endless number of uses.


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Easy to install, simple to use - yet super secure

With TeamViewer, there are no complex configurations and lengthy installations - it runs out of the box. You download the software, which can be up and running in seconds, with a solution ranked number one for usability, image quality, and file transfer speeds. 

TeamViewer also has a relentless focus on security and offers the most comprehensive device and platform coverage - almost 130 mobile device manufacturers, operating systems, and IoT devices. This includes end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication, granular access management, device authorisation and other industry-grade security features. 


The fastest and most secure remote access, support and management tools

Remote Access & Support 

We know that computers can glitch and devices can fail, often bringing business to a standstill. This is where TeamViewer comes in, providing instant remote support to customers and employees.  Are you working away from the office? With TeamViewer remote access tools, you can stay productive no matter where you are. Access files and applications securely from remote PCs, mobile devices, and servers - all without VPN. Support for mobile devices can also be provided anywhere, at any time, through TeamViewer, which enables remote access to mobile devices, computers, and servers, along with IoT devices, point of sale (PoS) machines, kiosks, and even digital signage. 

Enterprise Remote Connectivity 

TeamViewer Tensor™ is an enterprise remote connectivity cloud platform powered by the world’s most extensive remote connectivity infrastructure - which spans some 200 countries and connects over 2.5 billion devices. It enables enterprises to deploy a large-scale IT management framework allowing for remote access, support, and control of any device or machine within the organisation, wherever it may be. TeamViewer Tensor delivers a fast, flexible, easy-to-use remote support technology that helps you solve technical problems as quickly and smoothly as possible — without compromising data security. 

Remote Management 

Enhance your company’s TeamViewer experience while taking your IT management to the next level with TeamViewer Remote Management. This solution allows you to proactively keep your IT infrastructure healthy, stable and secure, enabling you to manage, monitor, track, patch, and protect all devices and software – from a single platform. With TeamViewer Remote Management integrated into your environment, you can monitor critical business aspects of your IT, centralise important device information without relying on end-user input, detect and patch software vulnerabilities, and protect your devices against external threats and human error.  


Your partner in a service-driven engagement model


As the longest-established IT distributor in South Africa, Tarsus Distribution is uniquely positioned to meet the channel’s needs for credit funding, stock availability and efficient logistics. This way, resellers can deliver the best possible service, support and solutions to small and mid-sized end-user customers at the lowest possible cost. 

Tarsus also prides itself in providing technical skills to its reseller community and helping suppliers and resellers disengage from a product-driven mantra and instead engage in service-driven solution offerings that solve customers’ problems and get the job done.