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Get Consistent, Fade-Resistant Prints With HP Original Supplies

March 24, 2021
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Printing remains an essential requirement and a considerable cost for many companies. Using HP original supplies for your printer is an important step in ensuring that you maintain your print quality while managing your expenses. Let's introduce you to Fade-resistant prints from HP.

Fade-resistant Prints

The latest figures from StatsSA indicate that South Africa’s GDP slumped by an incredible 7% in 2020. We are currently in one of the most challenging economic climates the country has experienced in the past century. Considering these circumstances, it is understandable that companies need to cut costs wherever they can. 

For businesses that have a large printing output, the reduction of spending on printer supplies seems an easy place to save a few much-needed Rands – hence the temptation to purchase generic, non-original toner cartridges, ink cartridges and other components. These supplies seem an obvious choice because they offer upfront spending reductions and appear to make even large-scale printing output that much cheaper. However, the use of non-HP supplies can actually increase your printing costs, as well as produce low-quality output, possibly causing damage to your printer (resulting in costly downtime) and voiding your warranty, which is why industry experts always recommend using supplies from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that made your printers.  

Why Technicians Recommend HP Original Supplies 

Original HP toner cartridges and inkjet cartridges provide economic and environmental benefits that cheap imitations cannot match. Also, because they are made by the original manufacturer to work with your printer, they ensure continued, problem-free output. Using only HP original supplies will drastically reduce your need to call out service technicians. In fact, you will be four times less likely to experience technical problems, which drops your maintenance costs considerably. HP toner cartridges will also last longer, produce better quality prints with the best colours, and are covered by your printer’s warranty. With all of these factors considered, the high-yield toner cartridges produced by HP will reduce your cost per page compared to generic options while giving you far better results. 

Sustainability Benefits Of Fade-Resistant Prints

HP original supplies are made according to the company’s strict ethos of sustainability. All HP toner cartridges are made with recycled content. HP runs programs in 50 countries and territories, in which its original printing supplies can be recycled to ensure minimal environmental impact. HP continues to transform its entire business to drive a more efficient, circular, and low-carbon economy and enable its customers to invent the future through a sustainable portfolio of products and services. Each year, the company publishes its sustainability report, which demonstrates its ongoing push to make technology that creates long-lasting, positive change for the planet. This drive goes into the design and manufacture of each toner cartridge and other printer supplies.

Economic & Productivity Benefits Of Fade-resistant Prints

While HP original supplies may have a higher price tag than generic, compatible parts, they make up for it with long-term savings. Original supplies provide more predictable and consistent output, with far fewer printer breakdowns and technical glitches that can drain productivity. You spend far less time and money on repairs, and on reprinting documents and cleaning printer parts. With less need to reprint, you also save on paper. HP originals also provide much higher page yields than unbranded toner cartridges, and they are less likely to leak and cause damage to your printer. If your printer should be damaged as a result of using a non-original part, the warranty may be voided. Using HP original parts will ensure that your printer’s repairs and services are covered under warranty.

To enjoy all the benefits of HP original supplies for your printer, trust Tarsus Distribution as your supplier. We are licensed to supply genuine HP products across the southern African region. Contact us for more information.

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