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How upskilling the reseller benefits our ecosystem

February 7, 2022
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How companies and their people behave in a crisis or in difficult times is the truest reflection of their collective culture and often defines them. It is also not forgotten and helps shape their future.

This is why Tarsus Distribution is enabling our SMB resellers to provide installation and start-up services for their customers, as part of our services and support offering for our partners. By helping to improve and expand their competencies, we can assist them in growing their business, which is critical at this difficult time.

The need to sell a complete solution

The IT industry has evolved dramatically and at an unprecedented speed, placing new and changing demands on resellers.

With installation and start-up capabilities, our resellers can now provide one-stop-shop services to their customers and end-users – from pre-sales to install and start-up.

These installation and start-up services provide a preinstallation session with one of our specialists, installation and configuration of the solution, and an orientation session to help familiarise the business with the product’s functionality.

This ensures that we are not just packaging a solution for the SMB reseller and dropping off the box, but actually helping them to grow their business by upskilling them to do their own installations and start-ups. It’s a move that is in line with our commitment to growing our smaller resellers – an undertaking that is in the interests of our entire ecosystem. When a company helps to develop its partners’ business, they help to create new markets and new business opportunities.

A duty to guide, lead and train the reseller

If we look at our current landscape and the customers SMBs are selling to, it is clear that we have a responsibility to guide, lead and train SMBs because they simply cannot be expected to know everything about the products they are selling. It’s a process that can be likened to taking a new employee into the workplace and onboarding them. Without helping to develop them, they will not achieve the KPIs expected of them.

It is about leading by example and playing our part in stimulating the economy to recover by helping smaller business to gain more clients. This is especially important in the SMB sector because these businesses do not have the financial means to participate in costly learning programmes.

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