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Windows 11 - Our Top 5 Favourite Features

December 9, 2021
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If you haven’t heard yet, Microsoft officially launched Windows 11 on the 5th of October this year (2021). While it seems like just yesterday Windows 10 was released, it has been just over 6 years. The new Windows 11 operating system is a fresh new take on computing and to be completely honest, we love it so far. In this blog we will go through some of the top features we are excited about.

Windows 11

A fresh new UI

The first thing you notice when launching Windows 11, is a welcomed refresh of the user interface. The design team has done incredible work, simplifying the user experience to inspire creativity and increase productivity. Following modern trends, the user interface has taken on a fresh, clean and streamlined look and feel, bringing a sense of calm and ease to the end-user.

One of the most noticeable changes is the centring and simplifying of the taskbar that has always been tucked to the bottom left of the screen. By centring the start button, it is now easier to access what you are looking for, especially now that the menu utilises the power of the cloud and Microsoft Office to display recent files right there.

Snap Layouts With Windows 11

When Microsoft first introduced window-snapping in Windows 7 it was a game-changer, and now they have done it again. The new snap layouts give users the ability to organise multiple windows in any configuration. By default, Windows 11 offers 6 layouts to choose from but gives users the ability to design their own. Better yet, you can now save the layouts as snap groups, and return to them when you need them without having to close the applications.

Windows 11


Personalised Desktops

Yes, that’s right, we said desktops, as in plural. To be completely honest, this new feature is the best out of them all. In Windows 11, you can now create virtual desktops for all parts of life, work, school and even gaming, making the most of the available digital real estate. You can take it one step further by personalising each desktop to match its purpose. The only limit is your imagination.

Chat by Teams With Windows 11

Understanding the importance of creating meaningful connections and maintaining them, Microsoft has introduced Chat, a simplified version of Teams as an integrated feature in Windows 11. Integrated into the taskbar, you can now connect instantly to friends and family via text, chat, voice or video no matter where they are in the world.

Windows 11

Microsoft Store With Windows 11

After a complete redesign, the new and improved Microsoft is now a trusted location for apps and content. Not only are there more apps included in the store than before, but the Microsoft store now brings you Android apps for the very first time. Working with Amazon App Store, users will be able to download popular Android apps through the Amazon apps store directly onto their windows device. Microsoft has stated that this feature will only be available later this year, but we are excited nonetheless.

Remember these are just some of the new features Windows 11 offers, and we encourage you to visit the official Windows 11 website for more information on the features discussed here and more. If you would like more information about Windows 11 or about upgrading, please contact us.

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