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Power your edge-to-cloud platform with HPE solutions

From the edge to the cloud, HPE provides proven, transformative, and innovative solutions and services. Reach digital transformation success with HPE's unmatched workload optimization, 360-degree security, intelligent automation, and everything available as a service.

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HPE is on a journey to delivering everything-as-a-service to customers.
At the centre of that journey is experience. A great IT support experience requires choice. The right mix of options can improve efficiency and productivity with faster problem-solving, more stable operational infrastructure, and increased agility.


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Reseller exclusive! Speed up quotes and orders with HPE iQuote

HPE iQuote is a configuration and procurement tool designed to accelerate in-stock transactional deals by presenting real-time pre-approved discounts and promotional prices.  


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Why Tarsus?

For the last three years running, we have won Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Distributor of the Year Award for South Africa. Our pre-sales team, certified trainers, product trainers and business development managers offer all the assistance you need to sell more. We make sure you are empowered with the knowledge, stock availability and logistics solutions you need to give clients a seamless experience. Some of the other reasons why resellers choose to partner with us:

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Hybrid cloud

Most companies need a mix of traditional IT, private cloud, software-defined infrastructure and public cloud. HPE offers an open choice of hybrid cloud solutions and enables a seamless experience across all their clouds. As a reseller, Tarsus can help you guide your client’s transformation journey. The support that our team can give you ensures you have a holistic, prescriptive plan to help clients run on multiple cloud stacks – in the data center, across public clouds, and at the edges – wherever their IT needs to be.


HPE’s networking solutions allow clients to resolve network issues before their businesses are disrupted. Aruba’s AI-powered machine learning solutions are now the benchmark for understanding network and application performance. Benefit from network insights that leverage Artificial Intelligence, predictive analytics and deep insights that provide continuous visibility into how a Wi-Fi network is performing.

Pointnext Services

Every business has challenges that keep them from running at business speed. You can help your clients accelerate your digital transformation. Get the support, tools and resources you need to be able to help businesses operate and optimise their environments across hybrid cloud and traditional IT, removing the heavy lifting of running IT so it can be consumed as a service.

Certifications And Training

Tarsus’ HPE team has over 40 years of collective experience, including highly trained and certified team members. A total of six of our team members have achieved their Master ASE certifications in servers, storage and networking, as well as the latest Hybrid certification offerings.

We are committed to helping our resellers achieve their required HPE sales training each year. Tarsus is the only distributor in the region with an HPE Designated Learning Partner agreement, with two of our team members having been full-time HP technical trainers.


Partner With A Trusted Advisor

One of the key reasons for our team being so successful is the effort we make in understanding the end-user’s objectives. To achieve these, we go through painstaking detail to carefully confirm that all parties are aware of the final solution that is required. Many times, we attend meetings alongside our resellers to ensure the correct solution is being specified, as opposed to something that “the client can grow into”. From running assessment services at the client’s site to being able to pinpoint precise sizing solutions, we do all of this to ensure your client gets the right solution at the right price. Most of our business is repeat business due to us becoming a trusted advisor who not only helps with initial specifications but also future upgrades, phased rollouts and solution refreshes.

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