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Case Study: How Tarsus and HPE ProLiant servers are powering Digital Transformation with the new Install and Switch On service offering.

November 29, 2021
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Like many other companies, we at Tarsus head office were faced with the challenge of upgrading our IT infrastructure to support the new way of working. As a distributor of HPE products, we knew the HPE ProLiant servers would power our digital transformation. In this case study, we take a look at how HPE ProLiant servers assisted Tarsus Distribution.

HPE ProLiant servers


Treating the project like we would with a reseller, our process began with a pre-sales consultation to understand the overall requirements of the job. From there, we were able to design the solution and provide the hardware for an external certified HPE engineer to install, but we weren’t satisfied with the process. Why is it that we can design and supply the solution, but not implement it? In asking this question, we realised our SMBs and smaller resellers, experience the same frustration, either they or their clients are left to find an HPE engineer to install the servers we supply.

The HPE ProLiant Servers Solution

The simple solution was to grow the team to include a few HPE engineers that could add to our overall service offering. And that’s what we did, but instead of growing the team, we decided to keep it in-house and upskill a few existing team members. Working with HPE, they provided valuable knowledge transfer enabling the team to take full advantage of the Apollo systems product features. In addition, HPE Compliments our IT team with globally available Advisory and Professional Services assistance from HPE Pointnext Services.


Three technicians from our warehouse division completed the training and are now certified install and start-up engineers. Not only were we able to complete the upgrade of our servers in-house, but this process also allowed us to test and refine our newest service offering, Install and Switch On now available to all of our resellers.

Through this new service offering, our goal is to empower SMBs and smaller resellers with a service they normally would not have access to. SMBs are encouraged to take on opportunities they would usually shy away from because they aren’t confident in specifying the correct solution for their clients.

If you want to know more about the Install and Switch On service and how it works, please contact us on hpedigitalleads@tarsus.co.za.

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