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Choosing The Right Rack & Enclosures

July 16, 2020
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Choosing the ideal rack and enclosures for your UPS system comes down to identifying your primary needs and current environment. Both are available in various heights, widths and depths, with a variety to suit server rooms of all sizes. To help you choose the best solution for your specific requirements, we have put together some suggestions on what to consider when selecting rack and enclosures to power, manage, store, cool, and secure your equipment.

Covered In This Article:

Space Requirements
Equipment Requirements
Other Requirements

To help you get started, here are some points to consider when choosing the best race and closures for your equipment.

Space Requirements

There are a few things you will need to think about when looking at your current space and environment. Will you be securing equipment in a separate room or will you be using an open area that provides easier access? How much space will the area you have selected offer in terms of width, depth and height? Do you plan to place multiple racks alongside each other or go for a stand-alone set-up instead? Will they be in a permanent position or will you need to move them at any point? Are there any vibrations from external sources that could interfere with power?

Equipment Requirements

Next, you will need to think about equipment requirements you may have. Which equipment will be placed in the rack? Will equipment be stored under lock and key at rack level? Will you be adding more equipment later down the line? What size and dimensions is the equipment being placed in the rack? How will you connect equipment in terms of cabling? Will cables be needed across multiple racks and how will this be achieved? Will you be able to access the rack from top or bottom to add or remove cables?

Other Requirements

Finally, there are a few other things you will need to think about, including whether you plan to use rack power distribution units. Will your IT environment need backup power in the form of rack mount of free-standing systems? Are you able to monitor the environment and temperature remotely around the clock? Do you have power management tools in place to monitor equipment and migrate virtual machines if there are any power issues? How will temperature control be down to maintain equipment temperatures and will airflow management tools be needed to manage rack airflow?

Considering these questions will make it far easier to choose the ideal rack and enclosures according to your unique needs. 

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