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How To Create A Modern Data Centre Infrastructure

July 12, 2020
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Modern data centres are crucial in any industry, whether you are running a mid-sized company or a large international business. The risk of downtime in data centres is something that no company wants to take. When data centres have outdated infrastructure, this risk is greatly increased. Maintaining and updating your data centre infrastructure is the best way to be sure that you do not put your data in jeopardy, ensuring that IT assets remain secure at all times.

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Building a Modern Data Centre Infrastructure

Building A Modern Data Centre Infrastructure

Protecting essential IT assets and avoiding the impact of downtime becomes a lot easier when you use best practices in setting up your data centre infrastructure. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when planning your systems.

Start Preparing

This includes assembling your project team that includes relevant parties in your company as well as your vendors. It also includes a comprehensive assessment of your current needs and your future requirements and goals. It helps to have a solid understanding of your potential limitations and an idea of how they can be overcome. From there you can make an analysis of costs, benefits and other deciding factors to determine the best course of action.

Create And Implement Your Project Plan

Once your preparations are done, you can move onto the project plan. This will include a complete plan of action that includes a realistic time schedule. Make sure that your goals are achievable and clear, outlining all steps along the way and all infrastructure changes that will be included within the plan. You can then implement the plan while considering an ongoing plan for daily management.

Test & Refine

Testing is essential to ensure that every system added, replaced or changed is working correctly at all times. This will include anything from UPS tools to PDUs, racks, aisle cooling, and any other system included in your infrastructure. A variety of simulated workloads should be tested. You can then refine your operational methods, evaluating your data centre’s performance to determine whether any further improvements are needed.

With the rise of virtualisation and the continued growth of technology, keeping your data centres up to date is vital. We hope that these steps make it simpler to plan a modern data centre infrastructure that serves your needs now and in the future.

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