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The ROI of Investing in Microsoft Surface for Your Business

September 14, 2023
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Making the correct technology expenditures in the current fast-paced business environment can have a big influence on your organisation's productivity and bottom line. One such investment to consider is the Microsoft Surface for Business device range. The purpose of this article is to investigate the ROI (Return on Investment) of incorporating Surface devices, specifically the Surface Laptop 5 and Surface Pro 9, into your business operations.


The ROI of Investing in Microsoft Surface for Your Business

Covered in this article

Why Choose Microsoft Surface for Business?
ROI of Technology Investment: A Case Study
Surface Laptop 5: A Closer Look
Surface Pro 9: Versatility Meets Performance
Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft Surface

Why Choose Microsoft Surface for Business?

When it comes to enterprise-level computing, Microsoft Surface for Business stands out as a frontrunner. These devices are not just pieces of hardware; they are integrated solutions designed to enhance productivity, security, and user experience. Here are some compelling reasons to consider them for your business:

  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft 365: One of the most significant advantages is the seamless integration with Microsoft 365. This means that your Office applications, email, calendar, and other essential business tools are readily accessible and optimised for performance.
  • Robust Security Features:  Any business needs top-notch security. Surface devices are equipped with enterprise-grade security protocols, such as facial recognition and BitLocker encryption, to keep your data safe.
  • Future-Proof Technology: Investing in a Surface device means long-term quality and reliability with regular software updates and durable hardware.

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ROI of Technology Investment: A Case Study

The phrase "Return on Investment" is a measurable indicator that measures financial decision effectiveness. The Forrester TEI study proves Microsoft Surface devices' financial feasibility in an enterprise's technological infrastructure.

The report meticulously quantifies the financial gains of Surface-using companies. It begins with a large reduction in IT management overhead to demonstrate cost-effectiveness. Surface devices reduce IT intervention frequency and expense due to their strong security and low maintenance. A more streamlined operational budget results.

The report explains employee satisfaction, as an intangible but valuable asset. The study revealed that Surface devices increased employee morale, which boosts productivity. This psychological reward boosts productivity and ROI.

Finally, Surface device adoption increased productivity by 9% across enterprises. In a competitive company environment where every percentage point of productivity might mean market leadership or obsolescence, this number is important.

Surface Laptop 5: A Closer Look

Imagine a device that not only meets your business requirements but anticipates them. The Surface Laptop 5 is the device in question. It's not enough to have a computer that can operate your applications; you also need a productivity partner. With its cutting-edge processors, this laptop not only completes duties but does so at a rate that puts you ahead of the competition.

Now, let's speak values because in the business world, return on investment (ROI) is not just a buzzword; it is the metric that defines success. Surface Laptop 5 is intended to reduce downtime. Its sturdy construction implies fewer hardware issues, which reduces IT maintenance costs. When productivity gains from its high-speed performance are considered, the financial justification becomes apparent. You are not spending money on a laptop; instead, you are investing in an asset that compensates for itself through its efficiency and dependability.

Key Takeaways for Surface Laptop 5:
  • High-speed performance for increased productivity
  • Robust build quality for lower maintenance costs
  • Sleek design that leaves a lasting impression


Surface Pro 9: Versatility Meets Performance

In business, adaptability is equally as important as capability. The Surface Pro 9 exemplifies both qualities. Imagine yourself closing transactions in various time zones, presenting to stakeholders in the morning, and engaging in team brainstorming in the afternoon. Instantaneously, this device transforms from a high-performance laptop to a versatile tablet, adapting to your various duties throughout the day.

Financial decision-makers will value the Surface Pro 9's affordability. Its 2-in-1 capability eliminates the need to purchase multiple devices for various functions by combining the functionality of a laptop and a tablet into a single, robust device. This is a strategic move to streamline operations and reduce the intricacy of your IT infrastructure, not just a cost-cutting measure.


Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Spec Sheet

Additionally, its lightweight design and long-lasting battery life allow you to be independent of an office or power receptacle. You are free to conduct business wherever opportunities present, be it a last-minute client meeting across town or a global conference. In a world where business does not cease at 5 p.m. or confine itself to four boundaries, the Surface Pro 9 is your constant, limitless companion.

Key Takeaways for Surface Pro 9:

  • 2-in-1 capability for adaptability and streamlined operations
  • Cost-effectiveness through reduced need for multiple devices
  • Freedom to conduct business anywhere, anytime

surface pro 9

Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft Surface

Is Microsoft Surface good for business use?

Absolutely. Surface devices are designed to meet the demands of modern businesses, offering both performance and versatility.

Can you use a Surface Pro for business?

Yes, the Surface Pro series is well-suited for business applications, offering a range of features that enhance productivity.

What is Surface for Business?

Surface for business refers to Microsoft's line of Surface devices that are tailored for enterprise use, offering robust security features and seamless integration with Microsoft 365.

Is Surface Pro suitable for office work?

Definitely, its versatility and high-performance capabilities make it an excellent choice for a variety of office tasks.

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