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HPE GreenLake helps organisations achieve dramatic savings

April 18, 2023
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HPE GreenLake helps organisations achieve dramatic savings

By Tarsus Distribution

Enterprises in every industry are realising that their business models need to evolve alongside the pace of digital transformation. In today’s new on-demand economy, where the customer is at the heart of the business, IT leaders and their teams need to support their businesses with cutting-edge technologies to be successful.

Savvy business leaders realise that in order to be nimble and agile, moving to the cloud is no longer optional, it has become an inevitability. However, cloud strategies across industries, workloads, and applications are vastly different.

Some organisations still depend on on-premises technologies to remain compliant with shifting security, privacy, and regulatory requirements. Others will do the same to meet performance requirements, or to maintain a level of control that is necessary for their business.

Fortunately, HPE GreenLake, brought to South Africa by Tarsus Distribution, offers the best of both worlds with infrastructure services that enable companies in every sector to operate their IT on-premises while still harnessing all the benefits of the public cloud.

Covered in this article

Introducing HPE GreenLake
True flexibility
Gains over time
Key findings

Introducing HPE GreenLake

However, talk is cheap, which is why HPE commissioned leading analysts Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study that delved into the potential return on investment (ROI) that organisations can realise by implementing HPE GreenLake.

The purpose of the study was also to provide businesses with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of adopting HPE GreenLake.

In essence, HPE GreenLake is a scalable IT infrastructure service that gives users a consumption-based IT model that is fully aligned to capacity usage. This enables entities to simply scale up or down as needed, and effectively manage fluctuations in demand and changing market conditions.

Moreover, alongside the solutions, businesses benefit from personalised support to bolster their IT teams, and free up valuable and scarce resources to focus on more business-critical and innovative opportunities.

True flexibility

With HPE GreenLake, organisations can harness the benefits of a truly flexible, hybrid IT model. They gain the agility to scale and grow rapidly without the cost of purchasing and implementing new infrastructure. The pay-as-you-use model that HPE GreenLake brings to the table frees up cash flow too, and lessens the need to plan for long-term capital expenditure.

In fact, companies that use HPE GreenLake gain benefits and cost savings by:

Enhancing the time-to-value of business initiatives and by doing so, increasing business productivity.
Greatly reducing the need to spend heavily on new IT infrastructure and thus saving on capital expenditure.
Gaining a flexible infrastructure that can scale up and down as needed, removing the need for capacity planning, and removing the danger of over- or under-provisioning.
Boosting IT productivity through additional support resources as well as expertise from HPE and its partners.
Having access to self-service reporting and dashboards on their metered usage in order to be able to budget and forecast demand more accurately.

During the course of Forrester’s research, it was revealed that customers selected HPE GreenLake for its world-wide footprint, strong expertise, and its ability to help fuel the economics gained by using the public cloud, while offering the security and performance of on-premises IT.

Gains over time

Multiple global enterprises across a range of industries and locations were interviewed for this research over two years. All had multiple data centres as well as an extensive physical and virtual infrastructure footprint.

Moreover, they had a wide range of storage hardware in their environments, from traditional spinning disks all the way to all-flash arrays across multiple petabytes of data.

For the entities that were interviewed multiple times over the time frame, the benefits gained that could be attributed to HPE GreenLake, grew over time as the HPE GreenLake deployment expanded across more and more data centers and infrastructure.

Benefits ranged from the accumulation of capex savings from hardware purchase and maintenance, the reductions of full-time equivalents (FTEs) to support infrastructure growth, and the extra costs associated with personnel, as the solution was across different geographies and lines of business.

Key findings

Through interviews conducted with current HPE GreenLake users and the subsequent financial analysis, researchers discovered that a global business with five petabytes of storage and $8M worth of physical assets could expect to experience benefits of $25.0M present value (PV) over three years versus costs of $10.1M PV, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of about $14.9M.

Reduced historic TCO by up to 40%.
Saved 60% of the professional services/contractor costs, on average.
Improved IT resources productivity by 40%.

The companies interviewed also remarked that they were able to get a payback on their investment within one year of full implementation. Payback is based on companies recovering the costs that go hand in hand with deploying and integrating HPE GreenLake into their business environments.

Another major benefit that companies, when changing from traditional, fully managed on-premises IT models to HPE GreenLake, realised, is a quicker time-to-market of deploying global IT projects by 75%.

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