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Tarsus Rounds Out Power Portfolio with Ellies Inverters

August 5, 2021
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Tarsus Distribution has been appointed as a distributor of Ellies inverters, rounding out the Tarsus Distribution power backup portfolio of products.

Ellies Inverters

By IT Web

Craig Heidemann, Product Manager at Tarsus, says the Ellies UPS inverter trolleys are ideal plug-and-play backup power solutions to keep home offices running even during extended power outages.

“Many large enterprises are equipping their home-based employees with backup power solutions such as these to ensure business continuity and customer service during load-shedding,” he says.

“The Ellies brand is a trusted name in South Africa, backed by Ellies support and service at stores around the country.”

The SABS-approved Ellies UPS inverters are designed and built to take low DC voltage power from batteries and convert it to standard AC power and will power a router and small office notebooks, or TV and decoder and alarm systems for several hours during a power outage.

Capable of supporting 720 watts and 1 440 watts respectively, the modified sinewave systems can power devices for extended periods. With a 100W load comprising a mobile phone, three LED lights, an alarm, a spotlight, and a small LED TV, the 720W/1200VA UPS has an approximate runtime of nine hours and the 1 440W/2400VA UPS inverter has an approximate runtime of up to 20 hours.

The UPS inverters include 12V deep cycle batteries mounted in wheeled trolleys for easy moving and are ideal for use in residential areas where generators are not permitted – also offering the advantage of being fossil fuel and pollution-free.

Ellies UPS inverters are overload protected and feature built-in ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) to give the device a UPS function, with adjustable mains failure sensitivity and a built-in intelligent battery charger. The inverters will notify of a flat battery or risk of overloading and also feature battery saving, low battery disconnect function and automatically shut down to prevent damage to your equipment and inverter if maximum output is exceeded.

Contact Tarsus Distribution for more information.

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