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Use Dell Technologies to protect your IT systems

May 27, 2022
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Chris Larkins,  Enterprise Business Unit Manager at Tarsus Distribution

The cyber security landscape has evolved profoundly. I’ve watched entire workforces moving home during the pandemic, while data growth has seemed unstoppable.  Both factors have driven complexity. It’s been tough for CIOs to keep up - and then you add new data security and privacy regulations into the mix. 

Increasingly ubiquitous cloud technology can provide the ideal platform on which to run business processes and applications, and ease CIO headaches. But wherever these workloads sit, data protection becomes vital. Without it, businesses can suffer financial losses, regulatory fines, and, most importantly, a loss of customer confidence.

CIOs know it, too. Research by ESG revealed that 15% of organisations said they could tolerate zero downtime at all for their mission-critical applications, and a whopping 90% said they could not tolerate more than one hour of lost mission-critical” data. The future is data-driven, but data is also a CIO’s biggest headache because of its exponential growth, complexity and the stringent data protection and compliance involved.

Dell Technologies has the answer

Dell Technologiesportfolio of data protection solutions helps entities of any size, in any market, tackle multiple challenges simultaneously. Dell’s PowerProtect Data Manager helps businesses protect data and deliver governance control for modern workloads. This software-defined data protection platform helps address evolving growth and IT complexity, bringing next-generation data protection to organisations. The platform drives faster IT transformation while giving CIOs the peace of mind they need.

Dell has addressed data protection for a variety of environments, including edge, core, and several cloud scenarios. Guaranteeing availability irrespective of the type of data and storage platform brings operational benefits and helps to ensure customer data protection SLAs are met. Dell’s PowerProtect portfolio also gives clients the flexibility to implement either data protection appliances, or data protection software solutions that meet their unique needs.

With operational simplicity, agility and flexibility at its heart, the solution enables the protection, management, and recovery of data in all environments regardless of whether they are on-premise, virtualised or cloud deployments - and this includes the protection of in-cloud workloads.  Users can increase business resilience with PowerProtect Cyber Recovery capabilities to quickly recover in the event of a cyber incident. The solution’s modular design enables agile delivery of any new features and updates, enabling businesses to quickly evolve to meet future IT demands.

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