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Remote Meetings With Asus & Google: Hardware Kits For Google Meet

June 9, 2021
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The ability to smoothly host a quick team meeting for a corporate conference call has become part of the remote and hybrid work environment in recent years. Step up the quality and interactivity of your remote meetings with Asus and Google with a Google Meet hardware kit from Asus. Due to the many limitations that accompanied the Coronavirus, businesses and people have had to adjust in many ways in order to remain productive and functional. The lockdown restrictions and social distancing rules prevented people from going into the office. The best way to have these meetings run smoothly, and avoid annoying disruptions from faulty connections and equipment, is to have the right online meeting hardware. This is where ASUS comes in with tailor-made hardware kits designed for Google Meet.

ASUS – Google Meet

ASUS – Google Meet hardware is the latest smart one-touch video-conferencing solution with HD visuals for Google Meet. Three ASUS – Google Meet hardware kits are available to suit any meeting room and provide an effective solution for organisations of any size. The hardware kits feature the compact ASUS – Google Meet compute system powered by an Intel® Core™ i7 processor and each offers a revolutionary magnetic chassis for easy installation. To ensure long-term reliability under prolonged use, the newly designed Meet compute system is built and tested to exceed industry requirements. The kits include a Speakermic for 360° sound, a touchscreen control panel or remote control, and a UHD camera.

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What Is Google Meet Hardware?
Remote Meetings with Asus and Google—Hardware Kit Variants
Benefits of Remote Meetings with Asus and Google

What Is Google Meet Hardware?

Google Meet is an online video conferencing tool, very similar to Google Hangouts, but better equipped to accommodate businesses of all sizes. It allows users in any location (with an internet connection) to collaborate and communicate effectively. The different ASUS – Google Meet hardware kits and subscription plans are designed to complement and accommodate the high-definition sound and video quality that Google Meet offers its users.

The computing system is designed to be slim enough to fit discreetly behind any display and the magnetic chassis wall mounting stand makes it easy and fast to install anywhere, fitting seamlessly into any boardroom setup.  Created with enterprise-grade reliability & security in mind, the ASUS – Google Meet kits ensure secure meetings through the following measures:

  • Enterprise-grade manufacturing with rigorous testing;
  • Extended device lifespan and support for prolonged use;
  • Auto-updating, Meet-specific versions of Chrome OS;
  • On-device encryption and verified boot self-check.

Remote Meetings With Asus & Google – Hardware Kit Variants

Remote meetings with Asus and Google empower workforces of all sizes. Hardware kits come in different sizes; a starter kit, a small/medium room kit, and a large room kit. Each component has been through rigorous quality testing and can accommodate small to large groups in different-sized meeting rooms. Each kit requires a license, with a selection of different pricing plans to choose from that suit the needs of your organisation.

ASUS – Google Meet

Benefits Of Remote Meetings With Asus and Google

Online meetings have kept people connected during a time when contact had to be limited and all sectors of society had to decentralise on a large scale very rapidly. The technology that makes this possible has been around for some time, but it was only during the COVID-19 pandemic that it became widely used – a lifeline for many people to continue working, stay in touch with colleagues, family, and friends, and access essential services. Online meetings and remote access to centralised networks that are secure became essential, allowing employees to continue working from any location. Communication and collaboration are essential parts of any organisation's functioning, and the technology that makes this possible has enabled people and organisations all over the globe to manage the pandemic with minimal disruption.

With remote work becoming the norm through technological advancements that enable communication from virtually anywhere, many organisations have embraced digital transformation that allows them to assemble the right people to fit into their teams regardless of where they are located. For businesses and workers alike, employment based on skills, qualifications, and suitability of a person for a particular function within the organisation has become the main consideration for employers without requiring a person to move to or live in a particular area. Assembling the best team, therefore, becomes possible with much less upheaval, cost, or other possible difficulties that come along with a requirement to physically travel to a centralised location.

As long as an employee has a reliable internet connection, work from anywhere is possible for many different types of businesses, and with advanced AI-driven capabilities that are enabled by the right infrastructure, remote work has become a popular method for conducting business.  Connecting to a centralised network from any location is possible with highly secure ways to protect the flow of information between workers from outside interference.

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