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HP Launches the New Z Workstation and ZCentral Virtual Desktop System

November 5, 2020
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With creative and technical professionals moving to remote work after the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, HP recently launched the updated Z workstation and a new version of their ZCentral virtual desktop system. 

Z Workstation

The demand for mobile workstations boomed after the many levels of lockdown around the world. Roughly 80% of designers, engineers, architects and medical professionals and data scientists, who have used office-bound and studio-bound desktop workstations up to this point, now need to work from home at least part-time or full time. If you are one of these, you have probably realised that you need more power, in a more compact package to facilitate your remote video editing, architectural design, medical image reading, etc.

The New Z Workstation

HP’s Z-Series revamp includes the following new devices:

  • Z2 Mini G5: An excellent workstation for photo editing, the Mini G5 runs on 10th Generation Intel Core processors (Core i3 to Core i9; Intel Xeon W various); 64 GB DDR4-3200 ECC SDRAM (and non-ECC SDRAM) maximum memory; 256GB to 2TB internal storage with multiple configurations; Nvidia Quadro, AMD Radeon Pro for graphics (various configurations).  
  • Z2 Small Form Factor G5: More graphics and processing packed into less space - ideal for 3D design. The G5 will solve any space constraints you might face in your new remote work area.
  • Z2 G5 Tower: An expandable entry workstation for BIM, visualisation and rendering work.

New Laptops

There are also three newly upgraded laptops in the series: 

  • ZBook Firefly: The Zbook Firefly is our smallest and lightest Zbook ever. It provides true mobility for people who push the typical business PC past its breaking point. Starting at just 2.96 lbs2, our most mobile ZBooks are made to move. 3X faster Wi-Fi®3, gigabit-class 4G LTE. longer better battery life and HP SureView6 equip you for long days offsite.
  • ZBook Fury G7 15” and 17”: All the power of the ZBook Fury G6 is packed into a more compact, more mobile laptop, with incredible processing speed, pro-level graphics and lightning-fast storage.
  • ZBook Power G7:  Upgrade to professional ZBook performance and security at an unbelievably affordable price.

ZCentral Virtual Desktop Systems

The other new additions are the upgraded ZCentral and ZCentral 4R virtual desktop systems, which enable remote workers to access their desktops from any location. These are complete hardware and software solutions to power a remote workforce.

Tarsus Distribution is a proud distributor of HP products and solutions in the southern African region. Contact us for more information on the latest additions to the HP range.

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