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Enhancing printing efficiency with intelligent A4 solutions

June 27, 2023
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CIOs and CFOs face immense pressure to reduce costs while improving efficiency and embracing digital transformation. One area where significant savings can be achieved is by re-evaluating the need for expensive A3 printers.

In today's modern business landscape, the demand for A3 paper printing is remarkably low. In fact, studies indicate that less than 15% of all printed documents require A3 format, and this figure continues to decline annually.

Consequently, businesses can eliminate waste and optimise their printing fleet by questioning the need for multiple, costly A3 printers that take up a substantial amount of space and are only used from time to time. For the vast majority of users, A4 printers provide a solution that is as intelligent and effective.

The growing popularity of A4 smart multi-function printers (MFPs) can be attributed to their exceptional performance, reliability, and comprehensive features that rival their A3 counterparts. Moreover, A4 MFPs offer practicality and cost-effectiveness, making them a no-brainer choice for savvy businesses.

For instance, Lexmark's range of versatile and high-performance A4 workgroup MFPs offer a compelling alternative to comparable A3 machines. These A4 smart MFPs deliver comparable or even faster printing speeds, possess a more favourable price point, and occupy significantly less office space. Hence, they are the smarter choice for businesses aiming to make the most of their printing resources.

Covered in this article

Feature-rich performance
Environmentally friendly solutions
Enhancing productivity
Cost savings across the board

Feature-rich performance

Lexmark's A4 machines incorporate all the key features that today’s users expect from traditional A3 printers. For example, their built-in scanners enable rapid conversion of paper-based information into digital workflows or network applications.

Certain models are able to scan an impressive 137 sides per minute in duplex mode. Users can conveniently scan documents directly to email or initiate workflows from the MFP, with the ability to review each page for accuracy. Additionally, the touch-screen interface allows for print preview and customisation of output settings, including duplex printing and more.

By embracing these intelligent A4 printing solutions, entities in every industry can enhance their printing efficiency, reduce costs, and maximise productivity, all while harnessing the benefits of industry-leading features and performance.

Environmentally friendly solutions

With Lexmark, companies can also reduce paper consumption by utilising duplex printing and add a professional touch to their print jobs with advanced finishing options like stapling and hole-punching.

In line with all responsible entities’ commitment to minimising environmental impact and their carbon footprint, Lexmark A4 MFPs are crammed full of eco-friendly printing features. These devices allow users to decrease interventions with input capacities comparable to light-production A3 digital copiers.

Moreover, some models offer a maximum input capacity of up to 4,500 sheets, dramatically reducing the risk of paper running out and causing print job delays until the tray is refilled. Lexmark also takes care of extra costs by providing long-life consumables and high-yield toner cartridges.

These ensure extended intervals between changes and never require shaking to deliver their promised yield. In addition, Lexmark A4 workgroup MFPs excel in workload performance, with certain models offering a maximum monthly duty cycle of a staggering up to 350,000 pages.

Enhancing productivity

Out of the box, Lexmark A4 workgroup MFPs empower users with a diverse range of productivity-enhancing features, to ensure maximum efficiency right from the get-go.

These machines bring comprehensive security features, automatic document feeders with advanced scanning capabilities, support for local and network solutions, optical character recognition (OCR), print and scan controllers, Adobe PostScript compatibility, high-speed faxing, and much more.

Additionally, Lexmark's Colour Replacement technology enables precise matching of key colours, such as those used in corporate logos, without the need for expensive third-party controllers.

Cost savings across the board

Lexmark's commitment to cost savings is clear in its highly affordable pricing, and far lower cost of ownership than offered by other vendors, particularly considering the extensive feature set offered.

Some models even offer Ultra High Yield cartridges capable of printing up to 55,000 pages, helping business leaders look good in the eyes of the board, by reducing expenses.

Scheduled maintenance is unnecessary as most consumables, supplies, and parts are easily replaceable by the customer, resulting in substantial savings on service fees. By consuming approximately half as much energy as their A3 copier counterparts, Lexmark A4 MFPs actively contribute to reducing any company's carbon footprint, while still meeting the printing requirements of today’s digital age.

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