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Future-proof your business using high-powered Intel Xeon CPUs

June 15, 2022
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Xeon CPU

Enterprise data centres are being transformed forever. Hybrid workforces have become the norm, and enterprises are having to store, process and analyse floods of data. This places new demands on every enterprise’s compute, network, and storage infrastructure, challenging their ability to deliver new services, such as cloud computing and big data analytics.

Enterprises need to harness this data using powerful AI and analytics that can turn it into actionable, business-altering insights. They can then roll out solutions and services that put those insights to work to meet customers’ needs.

The migration of key on-premise capabilities to the cloud that began a few years ago. It accelerated rapidly during the global pandemic, driving a cloud-first approach. This approach meant enterprises had to deliver strong cyber security at scale and at speed in an increasingly complex threat landscape with determined adversaries.

Business agility has become synonymous with IT agility. So IT needs to respond quickly to new and changing business demands, and scale to fluctuating business needs on the fly. Innovative service delivery and business value are increasingly dependent on data centre flexibility and efficiency. 

All this and more has driven a demand for innovative server and network infrastructure, optimised for AI, analytics, big data, hybrid workforces. Infrastructure that is powered by a new and revolutionary central processing unit, or CPU. The CPU is the element that provides the instructions and processing power the computer needs to do its work. The more powerful and updated the processor, the faster a computer can complete its tasks. In a nutshell, a powerful processor enables a computer to think and work faster.

Step in Intel's Xeon line of CPUs, infrastructure which is built to see the evolving demand of today’s data centres, offering extraordinary performance, and unparalleled flexibility. Intel’s Xeon CPUs are balanced, workload-optimised, and based on Intel’s architecture that is known and trusted across the globe. Intel Xeon Scalable processors deliver built-in AI acceleration and advanced security capabilities that help place workloads securely where they perform best, all the way from the edge to cloud. 

Whether it is supporting critical workloads at the edge, building a secure cloud, or helping professionals stay productive, there is an Intel Xeon processor designed to meet every organisation’s unique computing needs. For example, today’s entities need remote access to computing, storage, and networking resources. Intel’s CPUs are designed to deliver reliable, scalable, workload-optimised performance.

In addition, as AI becomes more critical to serving customers, deploying the infrastructure needed to support AI at scale can become a challenge, but Intel makes the implementation process both quick and simple. In terms of the edge, Intel’s CPUs help resolve the IT and operational complexities that go hand in hand with edge deployments. From storefronts to cell towers to factory floors, and almost everywhere in between, the edge is powered by Intel Xeon CPUs. Similarly, as a future-ready platform, Intel Xeon processor-based workstations handle resource-intensive applications and workloads with ease, featuring built-in features for security, manageability, scalability, as well as AI. 

Intel Xeon CPUs offer a balanced architecture with built-in acceleration and advanced security capabilities, designed through decades of innovation for the most in-demand workload requirements. Moreover, through partnerships with software leaders around the world, these solutions are optimised for specific customer workload types and performance levels, all with the consistent, open Intel architecture that enterprises in every sector know and trust.

In addition, Xeon CPUs are optimised for cloud, enterprise, high performance computing, network, security, and Internet of things workloads with between eight and 40 powerful cores and a wide range of frequency, feature, and power levels. 

These CPUs are also charged with Intel Crypto Acceleration, which enhances data protection and privacy by boosting the performance of encryption-intensive workloads including secure socket layer (SSL) web serving, 5G infrastructure, as well as VPN and firewalls, while limiting the performance impact of pervasive encryption. 

Furthermore, the Intel Xeon range is the only data centre CPU on the market that boasts built-in AI acceleration, end-to-end data science tools, as well as an ecosystem of smart solutions. They are also engineered for the demands of cloud workloads and to fuel a wide range of ‘everything-as-a-service’ or XaaS environments.

Intel’s Xeon Scalable processors are based on a balanced, efficient architecture that increases core performance, memory, and input / output bandwidth to accelerate diverse workloads from the data centre to the intelligent edge, and comes with built-in workload acceleration of which features include Intel Deep Learning Boost, Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 512, and Intel Speed Select technology.

For more information on Intel’s Xeon range of CPUs, please reach out to Tarsus Distribution today.

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