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Benefits Of Using Microsoft Surface Devices For Business

September 20, 2022
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The current landscape of both local and global business has been shaped by the rapid acceleration in technology coupled with workforces adapting to hybrid environments at the hand of the pandemic. Though some sectors have returned to the office, many others realised that working remotely is not only possible but opens the door to bigger and better employment opportunities. With this in mind, let's explore why the Microsoft Surface family of devices fits perfectly into this narrative, making it perfect for business.

Surface Laptop Studio with accessories

Covered In This Article:

What Is Microsoft Surface For Business?
Mass Integrations
Comfort In The Cloud
Warranty and Manufacturer Support

Hybrid work is a people-first approach to managing the workforce that drives increased productivity and job satisfaction while addressing the major challenges of remote work, such as isolation and lack of community. A hybrid work model provides employees with greater flexibility and the option to work from home or anywhere they can be productive. With hybrid work, the workplace is no longer inside the four walls of the corporate office – it’s an ecosystem of employees working from home, in co-working spaces, and in the office. Team members can migrate between various locations depending on the work they need to get done.

This is where the Microsoft Surface family of devices stands out. Surface presents multiple benefits, including lower hardware and software costs, exclusive features, and adaptability to fit your business needs. With the ability to work from anywhere, enjoy the features of both a laptop and a tablet on the same device. Switching over to Surface will save your business time and money. While also allowing you to take advantage of the latest technology. Click here to find out more about the benefits of using Surface for business.

Surface Laptop Studio


What Is Microsoft Surface For Business?

For some of the best Windows hardware on the market, look no further than Microsoft's Surface brand. Best known for innovative, tablet-like designs, Microsoft has expanded its Surface line over the years and now offers a full family of computers, from a standard laptop to a giant desktop. Microsoft Surface is a series of touchscreen-based personal computers, tablets and interactive whiteboards designed and developed by Microsoft, running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Click here to find out more about how Surface integrates into the Microsoft ecosystem.

Microsoft Surface devices are gaining rapid ground as a presence in business. In a WFA (work from anywhere) world, staff require devices that are highly portable but don’t compromise functionality. One of the winning qualities of Microsoft Surface devices is that they don’t adopt a one size fits all solution. Microsoft is well aware of the different needs of different industries and the various hardware within the Microsoft Surface range caters to that diversity.

The Benefits:

  1. Adaptive Working – With a 2-in-1 laptop-tablet experience and easily connectable keyboards, the Microsoft Surface family makes hybrid working possible in any scenario or location.
  2. Creative Excellence – Thanks to better graphical software, more pixels, and ink-touch technology, Microsoft Surface devices are the must-have hardware for any industry.
  3. Enhanced Security – In addition to remote working and better solutions for creatives, the Microsoft Surface range takes security seriously.

Surface Pro 8


Mass Integrations & Mobility

Choosing to outfit your entire staff with the Surface leads to familiarity with the device across the board. This enables portability between users. There’s no more confusion about how to use someone else’s device for a presentation, or how to access files on an associate’s system.

It also eases your internal IT workload. Support becomes more standardized and easier to deploy. There’s no debate about device capabilities or which fixes will work on what device. Updates and refreshes are also simplified because they all deal with the same platform and software.

Certain industries are built on changeable situations where staff have to commute between offices and be onsite in various locations. The Microsoft Surface range can pivot to deliver what the user needs. The convenience of tablets and the high performance of laptops with all the necessary software in one device. Surface devices aren’t just mobile, they are also open to a variety of different uses. One of the complaints in some companies – especially for marketing and design – about Windows products is that they aren’t very friendly toward more delicate visual work. Microsoft has been working to change that image, with success.

Surface Pro 8 with Type Cover


Comfort In The Cloud

When implemented properly, remote work can improve employee productivity and job satisfaction. Even prior to the pandemic, multiple businesses were already embracing or beginning to adopt flexible remote work policies to reap these benefits. With this in mind, the cloud has quickly become the backbone of remote and hybrid work. Cloud applications and services allow organisations to support remote workforces, regardless of their geographical location. For example, real-time communication platforms, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, are invaluable for enabling real-time communications throughout an entire organisation.

Everyone has a variety of cloud services that they’re eager to offer businesses. But Mi crosoft’s services available with Surface devices come with several unique benefits. Options like Office 365 exist to bring a more secure version of Office to employees no matter where they are or what computer they are using. Microsoft Azure, on the other hand, is a fuller suite of apps and services that allow a company to quickly create its own customised, over-the-net platform for its particular needs. Services like these typically come with free trials and discounts when you buy Surface products as well, allowing you to test them out. OneDrive is a web-based storage and sharing platform. It sits alongside its bigger sister, SharePoint, to provide a more personal experience for end users to store private files or to collaborate with others both inside and outside the organisation.

While not every job or industry will ever be 100% remote, companies can still leverage cloud apps and services to continue enabling workers — both remotely and in the office.

Surface Family of Devices


Warranty & Manufacturer Support

Purchasing a Surface device is a big investment for your business. But it’s not just an investment in the hardware itself—it’s an investment in your employees and how they get work done. So, you want to be able to protect that investment.

Enjoy enterprise-level service that safeguards your Surface investment.

  • Minimise downtime: Get support from Microsoft when and how you need it. 24x7 same-day phone support for diagnostics and most fixes. One-on-one setup service helps you get back to being productive right away.
  • Extended warranty: Complete for Business extends your Surface coverage for hardware defects or malfunctions for up to four full years.

Having your Surface devices work properly is key if you want to increase collaboration, mobility, and security in your business.

Your new Surface or Surface-branded accessory comes with:

  • A one-year limited hardware warranty
  • 90 days of technical support

In addition to the standard limited warranty, you may have the option to purchase extended protection for your Surface.

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