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Mobile Security Needs To Provide Protection Against Known Attacks

May 22, 2020
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Now, more than ever, businesses must enable workers to access business resources and data from their mobile devices. Even with a unified endpoint management, enterprise mobility management solution and mobile device management solution, attackers quickly identified the mobile device as an easy target. Check Point mobile security can help.

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Covered In This Article:

The Dangers Of Known Attack Vendors

As most EMMs/UEMs do not actively scan for mobile-related threats like malicious apps, vulnerable operating systems, network-based attacks, or protect users against phishing and other social engineering attacks, businesses are rolling mobile security solutions to provide this missing layer of protection.

Mobile endpoints such as phones and tablets are as vulnerable as laptops and PCs, so there is no reason to require different security standards when allowing them to access business resources and data. Mobile devices should be a part of any endpoint security strategy. Enter Check Point mobile security.

The Dangers Of Known Attack Vendors

Like other endpoint security solutions, mobile security needs to provide protection against known attack vectors, including malware, network-based attacks and phishing, and also prevent attacks that are not yet known, i.e. zero-day attacks.

Check Point Mobile Security

Check Point’s SandBlast mobile security technology can help protect corporate data on mobile devices. SandBlast offers advanced threat prevention, full visibility into mobile risks, and an elegant user experience. It contains real-time threat intelligence derived from hundreds of millions of sensors worldwide, enriched with AI-based engines and exclusive research data from the Check Point Research Team.

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