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3 Technology Trends Affecting Legacy Data Centres

August 20, 2020
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Are legacy data centres equipped to adapt to the cloud and other technologies or can these new technology trends end up having an impact on data centres? There is no doubt that virtualisation and other trends have forever changed the way that data is stored and managed.

Legacy Data Centres

Although data centres are still able to handle huge amounts of data storage and processing, many are battling to evolve and adapt to the changes. Legacy data centres were not designed according to modern technologies, but without embracing current trends, it will be very difficult for more conventional data centres to cope.

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Legacy Data Centres And Consolidation
The cloud

Trends That Affect Legacy Data Centres

The biggest trends that have impacted the way that legacy data centres work include:

1. Legacy Data Centres And Consolidation

Modern data centres are virtualised, which allows single servers to support multiple virtual devices. This allows hardware to be consolidated, saving costs in the process. Technologies such as plug-and-play blade servers that offer shared power feeds, power supplies, cabling, storage, and cooling are used alongside virtualisation. Large capacity amounts are compressed into small spaces, reducing floor space significantly. For medium-sized data centres, consolidation is especially popular.

2. The cloud

The cloud is the future and where data is concerned, the cloud is the best way to manage data to lower costs and improve efficiency. Public cloud platforms run resources and applications through the internet while private cloud platforms use individual company firewalls to manage data remotely. While cloud-based solutions will continue to rise, enterprise data centres will need investment to ensure that they work alongside the cloud.

3. Sustainability

A sustainable data centre offers many benefits, from reduced expenses to improved business reputation. Legacy systems are seldom as efficient or secure as modern systems, which can lead to greater costs and more chances of poor public perception. Sustainable site development helps to reduce water and energy consumption, with less harmful materials that help to promote environmentally responsible IT systems.

Embracing these trends and working to modernise your current legacy data servers is the best way to get the benefit of constantly evolving technology.

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