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The Importance of using genuine Microsoft software

May 31, 2023
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The Importance of using genuine Microsoft software

By Tarsus Distribution

In today's digital era, the global information technology industry is a critical driver of business growth. Software, in particular, plays a key role in businesses, transforming inputs into outputs, and enabling users to perform a wide range of business-critical tasks.

Therefore, a healthy and compliant technology sector has long been a crucial factor in the growth and vitality of most economies. However, when times are tough and budgets are limited, many businesses are tempted to cut corners, and use pirated or counterfeit software.

After all it comes at a much lower price tag, and claims to do the same job. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. The scourge of counterfeit software has raised concerns about the potential risks and drawbacks associated with using illegitimate copies.

Covered in this article

A high level of security
Support on hand
Staying compliant
Working together
Collaborating with partners
The right thing to do

A high level of security

Software giant Microsoft offers a range of products that have become fundamental tools for individuals and organisations across the globe.

Using genuine Microsoft software ensures the highest level of security and reliability, as it undergoes rigorous testing and verification processes, which dramatically reduces the risk of malware, viruses, and other security threats.

Moreover, Microsoft issues regular updates and feature enhancements, which are key for keeping software up-to-date and working properly. Updates and patches take care of software bugs, plug any security holes, and enhance system performance, ensuring a safer and more reliable computing experience.

Unauthorised copies, on the other hand, don’t have these updates and often harbour hidden malware, compromising user data and system integrity.

Support on hand

Genuine Microsoft software gives users access to comprehensive technical support. Microsoft's support team is always on hand to help users resolve any issues they may have, providing guidance, and offering solutions tailored to specific software products.

The company's extensive knowledge base and online resources facilitate troubleshooting, enabling users to maximise the potential of their software investments. Additionally, genuine software allows seamless integration with other Microsoft products, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Counterfeit software leaves users vulnerable to compatibility issues, limited functionality, and missed opportunities for innovation.

Staying compliant

Using genuine Microsoft software ensures companies remain compliant with regulations, legal obligations, and licensing requirements. Furthermore, intellectual property (IP) laws protect software developers' rights, and using unauthorised copies constitutes copyright infringement.

This can result in businesses and individuals alike facing legal consequences, including fines and legal actions, if they are found to be using pirated software. By using the Real McCoy, people and companies uphold ethical standards and contribute to fostering a fair and competitive marketplace.

Moreover, genuine software aids in avoiding potential legal complications during audits and software asset management. Compliance with licensing terms ensures that organisations can demonstrate legal usage, safeguarding their reputation and avoiding disruptions in operations.

It also helps prevent inadvertent usage of software that may violate industry-specific regulations and standards.

Working together

To address the threat posed by counterfeit and pirated software, Microsoft has built a global anti-piracy team that tracks and traces malefactors in over 150 countries.

The team works closely with law enforcement to support criminal prosecutions, and is made up of ex-police officers and prosecutors, intellectual property lawyers and specialists, intelligence analysts, forensics experts, and government representatives.

In collaboration with other companies and with industry associations, Microsoft works with legislators and policymakers to enact and implement laws and policies that protect IP incentive systems and enable them to thrive.

Collaborating with partners

The company also maintains close collaboration with customers who unintentionally receive counterfeit or pirated software, assisting them in obtaining authentic software and uncovering the sources of counterfeit products.

Over the past few years, Microsoft says it has witnessed a significant surge in the number of leads and reports received from customers regarding vendors suspected of selling counterfeit software, exceeding 150 000.

According to Microsoft, this remarkable rise in customer involvement in identifying the origins of counterfeit software reflects their growing fear of the dangers associated with counterfeit copies.

The company’s strategy in combating piracy depends heavily on the indispensable partnerships forged between Microsoft, industry members, governments, partners, and customers, serving as the foundation of its approach.

The right thing to do

The importance of using genuine Microsoft software cannot be overstated. Security, reliability, technical support, regular updates, and compliance with legal obligations are all critical aspects that real software brings to the table.

By choosing genuine copies, individuals and companies can shield themselves from security risks, benefit from reliable performance, and have access to professional support.

Additionally, compliance with licensing terms demonstrates ethical conduct and avoids legal complications. Ultimately, investing in genuine Microsoft software is an investment in productivity, efficiency, and peace of mind, providing users with a solid foundation for their digital endeavours.

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