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HP ScanJets: Helping SMEs manage the data deluge

October 31, 2023
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HP ScanJets: Helping SMEs manage the data deluge

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) must stay nimble and adaptable in order to survive. However, their ability to process and react to new information quickly can be a decisive factor in their success.

Unfortunately, in today's interconnected world, companies of all sizes find themselves in the middle of a data deluge, in an era marked by an unprecedented surge in both data generation and consumption.

For this reason, document capture solutions are emerging as critical tools, for their ability to help SMEs efficiently capture, store, and access critical information while ensuring data accuracy, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.

Covered in this article

Efficiency and accuracy
Accessibility and savings
Staying secure and compliant
Keeping SMEs moving
A Host of Features
Adapting to change

Efficiency and accuracy

Document capture solutions streamline the process of extracting data from physical and digital documents. For SMEs dealing with limited manpower, these tools offer a significant advantage.

Good solutions can automatically extract, categorise, and store data from invoices, receipts, contracts, and various documents, reducing the time and effort required for manual data entry. This boost in efficiency means that SMEs can respond to incoming information more rapidly.

By the same token, processing information quickly is of little value if the information is inaccurate. Manual data entry is prone to human error, which can lead to expensive mistakes.

Document capture solutions are designed to minimise errors by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and other technologies to ensure data accuracy. This not only saves time, but it also lowers the risk of errors that can have long-term repercussions for SMEs.

Accessibility and savings

With document capture solutions, such as HP’s ScanJets, information becomes readily accessible to authorised members of staff. This means that workers can quickly locate and retrieve the information they need, cutting the time spent searching for what they need.

In a fast-paced business environment, easy access to information is key for making timely decisions and responding to new developments on the fly.

In addition, because SMEs are known for their resource constraints. Document capture solutions help reduce operational costs by cutting down on manual data entry, storage, and retrieval. They also dramatically reduce the need for physical storage space, as digital documents can be stored securely, and digitally, in the cloud. These cost savings can be reinvested in growth initiatives or used to enhance the overall competitiveness of the business.

Staying secure and compliant

Lacking in-house compliance teams, SMEs often face challenges when it comes to keeping up with regulations and reporting requirements that change all the time.

Document capture solutions can help smaller entities maintain compliance by ensuring that all critical documents are captured, stored in the right place, and made accessible.

This proactive approach can help SMEs respond swiftly to regulatory changes and audits, avoiding costly penalties and legal issues.

Also, because safeguarding sensitive data is a top priority for SMEs, HP’s scanners come with robust security features that protect the confidentiality and integrity of stored data.

With cyber-attacks on the rise, SMEs can't afford to overlook this aspect of information management. The peace of mind offered by enhanced data security is invaluable for companies aiming to react to new information quickly without compromising their data's safety.

Keeping SMEs moving

With HP scanners, SMEs are able to handle large volumes at impressive speeds by making use of the automatic document feeder (ADF). These machines boast incredible paper handling, and up to 1200 dpi resolution to ensure high image quality and legibility for all scans.

Even better, users can in a single touch, and capture text with OCR, create custom shortcuts, as well as reap all the benefits of automated processes that simplify and enhance workflows.

And because today’s working world is a distributed one, HP’s scan-to-cloud capabilities make it easy to capture and send information wherever employees or customers need it, and there is also the option to send to several destinations concurrently.

A host of features

Another feature that is ideal for the security-conscious business, is the ability to include a digital signature in a PDF file or apply a digital stamp to each scanned page.

Also, HP scanners feature TWAIN and ISIS scanning protocols, that enables SMEs to scan images directly into a wide range of applications without having to use another program.

These devices also come with a host of scan profiles with preconfigured settings for ease of use, and profiles can be created or edited where common scanning scenarios are found. A profile can then be run at the touch of a scanner button with no need for any extra software.

Adapting to change

In a rapidly changing business environment, the ability to make informed decisions quickly is a competitive advantage. Document capture solutions empower SMEs to process and analyse information quickly, so they can make strategic decisions with confidence.

Through Tarsus Distribution, HP has a scanning solution to meet every need and pocket.

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