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Small and medium businesses can now get big storage

May 13, 2022
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Chris Larkins, Business Unit Manager: Enterprise, Tarsus. 

Data is at the core of every business, large and small, and therefore making the right decision around the way the business’s data is accessed and stored, is critical. There is also the false perception that just because an entity is smaller than its enterprise counterparts, its data storage and backup needs must be small too.

In reality, small and medium businesses have the same needs as large corporates, but without the large budgets and staff complements to go with them. Small and medium companies need solutions that can manage their storage requirements today, and grow with them. Because choosing the right storage solution is so important, small and medium enterprises need to find the right channel partner to guide them. Small and medium entities must avoid falling into the trap of investing too little, under-provisioning, running out of capacity, or over-investing on a solution they simply don’t need.

To address the needs of these organisations, Dell Technologies has introduced its PowerStore 500 solution, which helps them realise previously unimagined levels of agility and operational versatility, and is ideal for the cloud-mobile IT infrastructure we find today. PowerStore 500’s unified storage capabilities allow businesses to address all their data storage needs for users and applications within a single architecture, and one that can scale up to meet the organisation’s needs.

The solution makes use of Intel Scalable Xeon processors as well as QuickAssist technology, so it brings outstanding performance and data efficiency for a wide range of applications. PowerStore 500 is built on a container-based software architecture that offers a unique way of delivering and integrating advanced system capabilities. The platform features intelligent automation, which helps to streamline application development and automate storage workflows via integration with a large ecosystem of top DevOps as well as open management frameworks. Another feature, autonomous operation, sees the appliance employ intelligent data placement to enhance system utilisation and performance via the balanced provisioning of new appliance storage volumes.

In today’s ‘cloud-first’ world, PowerStore users can easily and simply integrate their on-premise infrastructure into hybrid cloud environments without sacrificing any operational consistency. Finally, for predictive analytics and proactive monitoring, PowerStore features CloudIQ, a native cloud-based storage analytics application that is included at no charge with all PowerStore appliances, and provides total monitoring of system health, performance, capacity, configurations, and on-array protection metrics.

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