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How Education Technology Accelerates Learning

August 10, 2020
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Education technology is more than just a methodological upgrade to keep institutions in line with the increasingly tech-driven world. Learning devices and software can actually improve students’ ability to absorb, internalise and implement learning material.

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Raise Your School's Standards With Technology
Education Networks
Empowering Through Education Technology
Technology: Bringing Learning To Life

Raise Your School’s Standards With Education Technology

One problem that education has had in the past is the difficulty of adapting the classroom environment and teaching methods to the needs and learning styles of pupils. As a result, some learners get ahead, while others might fall behind. Education technology has the potential to level this playing field. Facilitating personalised learning enables all learners to reach their potential. Here are some ways in which technology can improve teaching and fast-track learning.

Education Networks

With the integration of education technology, schools and campuses become vibrant, open communities of learners.
Empowered by technology, students can enjoy active, fully integrated academic environments. Each participant in the learning process is connected to every other. The use of public computing, in the form of HP Elite All-in-One PCs and Thin Clients, provides a protected platform for labs, libraries and kiosks. Printing is facilitated through HP’s OfficeJet ProX and LaserJet 600 series printers, and the whole network is protected by HP’s security solutions, including Essential Security and Pro Security.

Empowering Through Education Technology

Instead of providing standardised solutions, education technology can be tailored to each student’s needs. This enhances their learning experience and streamlining their progress by facilitating better engagement with course materials. Among HP’s education-specific laptops, for example, some models are tailored to students of every faculty and discipline. The Spectre x360 is perfect for an art student. An engineering student, on the other hand, is best served by the ZBook, with its capacity to run professional software programmes.

Technology: Bringing Learning To Life

Technology offers opportunities to immerse students in their learning in ways that have previously only been dreamed of.
Virtual reality and game-based learning materials enable students to engage directly with learning materials. This provides a direct, interactive experience that transcends the text-based methods of the past. With HP’s VR Ready PCs and desktops, the Sprout Pro interactive PC, and accessories such as Vive head-mounted displays, learners can engage in visual, tactile experiences that bring facts and concepts to life before their eyes.

HP Education is committed to building the campuses of the future by providing technology that improves productivity and collaboration while minimising costs and security risks. Contact us for more information on our education technology products.

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