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Meet The HP Ink Tank Printer 415

June 25, 2018
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One way the print industry has helped to lower the cost of inkjet printing is by bringing out printers that use bottles of ink instead of cartridges. Let's introduce you to the HP Ink Tank Printer 415.

These bottles offer an incredibly high yield that’s in the thousands of pages in both black and colour at a good price, offering significant value for anyone interested in creating great-quality inkjet prints at a very low cost per page.

Enter The HP Ink Tank Printer 415

And that’s exactly why HP’s Ink Tank 415 printer was created. It’s a brilliant little office printer that connects wirelessly to a network and uses HP’s specially-designed leak-proof ink bottles to refill the tanks located on its side.

What makes it even more special is that the way the tanks are re-filled has also been engineered to be mess-proof, so there’s no danger of spilling ink all over the place when it’s time to top up.

No Quality Compromise

But even more importantly, it’s capable of up to 8000 prints in colour or 6000 prints in black before a new set of ink bottles is required, all at HP’s trademark inkjet quality.

Print On The Go With The HP Ink Tank Printer 415

HP has also given the 415 some nifty mobile printing functions that let people print right from their smartphones using the Smart App.

Need to print that important document before your 9 am meeting and you’re running late? Fire up the app in the car, hit print, and collect it from the office printer as you run past.

Business-friendly Ink Tank Costs

When you factor in the cost per set of bottles and divide it by the number of pages that can be printed, the cost per printed page is wallet-pleasingly low.

That’s a lot of high-quality printing at a business-friendly cost. And the fact that the way the 415 refills is also a mess-free system that doesn’t waste a drop, and that’s money well-spent.

Contact us

For more information on the 415, or to place an order, you can contact Daniella Coutinho on the HP team on 011 531 1000, or send her an email.

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