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Why Choose Original HP Printing Cartridges Over Counterfeit?

August 12, 2020
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The counterfeit printing cartridge market is on the rise. According to research conducted by the Imaging Supplies Coalition, the distribution and sale of counterfeit cartridges accounts for up to 4% of the global printing supplies market. These sales equate to an annual economic impact of around $3 billion!

hp cartridges
The reality is that while most people are sold these counterfeit printing cartridges unwittingly, many other consumers buy them willingly to try to cut costs. However, they do not realise that while counterfeit cartridges might be cheaper in the short-term, they can do a lot more financial damage in the long run! Here is why.

Covered In This Article

Original HP Cartridges Promise Maximum Printing Quality

Original HP Cartridges Promise Maximum Printing Quality

HP cartridges come with the HP quality promise. They ensure pristine printing quality when printing in both black and colour inks. They also optimise page yield (the number of pages printed using a single cartridge).

Original HP Cartridges Protect Your Printer

Phony cartridges can leak and result in a need for repairs, and they can also invalidate your printer’s warranty. Original HP cartridges, on the contrary, help to protect your investment, therefore saving you plenty of money in the long-term.

Original HP Cartridges Help Save The Environment

Original HP cartridges are ‘greener’ than counterfeit cartridges for several reasons:

  • They last longer, leading to a decrease in waste
  • They can be recycled via Planet Partners, HP’s recycling program
  • They optimise paper usage
  • They do not contain any harmful chemicals

Counterfeit Printing Cartridges: The Dangers

Ultimately, the counterfeit printer cartridges do a lot more harm than good. Protect yourself from falling victim to this widespread market by always inspecting the seal of the product, finding a reputable dealer, and confirming the authenticity of every cartridge that you buy. You can do so by scanning the QR code, inspecting the security label, or visiting hp.com for validation.


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