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COVID-19 Lockdown – Level 4 Update

April 30, 2020
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We have received a lot of questions from our channel partners regarding the impact on our ICT sector following last night’s announcements regarding the move to the COVID-19 Lockdown with effect from tomorrow the 1 May 2020.

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Tarsus Protocols

Minister Patel and Minister Dlamini-Zuma confirmed the proposed amendments to the lockdown regulations under level 4. We feel that it is important to share our understanding with you to assist you with your planning.

What we understand at this stage is the following:

  • The updates to Government Gazette dated 29 April 2020 (Vol 658) confirms that the ICT sector is back in business
  • Personal ICT Equipment and other office equipment is permitted under Level 4
  • Tarsus Distribution is open for phone orders/email orders/e-commerce orders on Friday 1 May 2020 to assist resellers who support industries going to Level 4
  • TDP login is open and available to all resellers to place orders using this e-commerce capability
  • TDP gives you online access to POD’s, invoices, price lists, product queries etc. from the comfort of your computer
    • Improved search functionality
    • Improved product filtering ability
    • Improved email notification to customers
    • Product comparison features
  • TDP orders will be accepted and processed through our Tarsus Supply Chain Services
  • Delivery times could be delayed as everyone returns to work across the supply chain
  • All orders on the TDP portal will delivered FREE for the month of May 2020
  • Woodmead Head Office Collection counter will be open from Monday, 4 May 2020
  • Collection counters in our branches remain closed
  • T-Bay stores remain closed in all regions
  • Please continue to provide CPIC certificates in the short term while we transition into a smoother Level 4 experience.


Tarsus Protocols

Tarsus Distribution will be open from 1 May 2020 to trade in personal ICT equipment, including computers and other home office equipment. We will be providing the equipment necessary for the provision of ICT services to the industries listed above, as well as essential service customers with the appropriate certificates. For your convenience, you are welcome to use the Tarsus Distribution e-commerce portal (TDP) immediately.

Tarsus has implemented the Health and Safety Protocols as recommended by the Department for all our employees required to work in our warehouse and other departments. Our warehouse employees have been allocated to one of two separate shifts to ensure social distancing is maintained. In addition, dedicated transport has been arranged to ferry our employees to and from work. All areas in our Woodmead facility have been deep cleaned and disinfected and all common areas have received full PPE protective equipment, masks and face screens to protect our workforce. All sales, product and admin teams will continue to work from home using our remote connectivity capabilities.

Tarsus will continue to accept orders that we can fill during COVID-19 Lockdown but subject to the stipulations specified in the Regulations permitting the supply. It is also worth noting that delivery times will be impacted as the industry returns to full capacity over the next few weeks. Please be patient and bear with us.

This amendment to the Lockdown Regulations bodes well for us in the ICT industry. There is no doubt that the minister and his team have an enormous challenge balancing the need to open up the economy, while protecting the health and welfare of all our people. We support them and thank them for the fantastic job they have done under very difficult circumstances during the COVID-19 lockdown.


TD Management

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