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Is There a Unified Approach to Operational Excellence? Windows 10 Offers This

December 4, 2020
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The great indoors. We’ve all had to become a bit more accustomed to life at home over the past few months. Chats around the water cooler are long gone, and the secretary probably won’t even recognise you anymore. But as we all make the transition back into business, companies can use this opportunity to put their best foot forward.  Let's take a look at the operational excellence offered by Windows 10. 

windows 10

Our modern world is defined by connectivity and user experiences that adapt to individual lifestyles. Surely then, the systems we use to manage our lives and businesses should be intuitive, accessible, and customisable according to who we are or how we operate. Key factors to consider are:  

  • Security  
  • Features and Functionality  
  • Future-proofed solutions    

You’re only as good as your operating system allows you to be. Many homes and businesses still rely on outdated software that not only limits what they’re capable of but also makes them susceptible to security risks. Upgrading your operating system is a surefire way to streamline processes and increase productivity. Get in touch with Tarsus Distribution to upgrade your OS to the cutting-edge brilliance of Windows 10.

Many factors go into determining your computer’s performance and security thresholds. Regularly updating your software and using an antivirus and firewall are square one when it comes to protecting your system. However, your old OS has its limitations. Poor performance and operating issues are clear signs that things aren’t functioning optimally. Upgrading to Windows 10 will equip your system with advanced and up-to-date features that improve performance and security.  

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Superior Security With Windows 10
Speed, Features and Functionality
The Modern Touch With Windows 10
A Solution That Speaks for Itself

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s magnum opus. An advanced operating system that was built to unify the Windows experience across multiple devices, such as desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. With its sleek and familiar interface, it delivers one comprehensive app platform, one security model, and one deployment and management approach. For small and mid-sized businesses, it’s the ideal time to upgrade and experience everything Windows 10 has to offer. Here’s why: 

Superior Security With Windows 10

 If your system isn’t secure, your work isn’t either.  

 Windows 10 features advanced security and management for ultimate peace of mind. The updated Microsoft Defender Antivirus boasts increased security measures in light of new and emerging threats. Frequent updates identify vulnerabilities and ensure that your system stays protected. The new OS also offers protection that secures your data when moving from one device to another.  

Microsoft Hello takes things to the next level with facial and fingerprint recognition. With Hello, you can log in faster and more securely to your laptop, tablet, device, app or even websites; you can even use it to make in-app purchases. It’s smart security that works for you, and only you.  

Speed, Features and Functionality

A system that isn't optimised is slowing down your progress.  

Windows 10 comes fully equipped to perform no matter which device you’re using it on. Even older machines stand to benefit from upgrading. Beyond performance upgrades, Microsoft has prioritised a universal approach to app design, enabling you to switch between devices without skipping a beat. No matter where you are or what device you’re on, a fluid and fast user experience awaits.   

Some notable fresh features include improved multitasking tools; the new Project Spartan browser; and exciting additions like Continuum, Xbox connectivity, and the voice-driven assistant, Cortana. And longtime Windows users will be glad to know that Windows 10 sees the return of the beloved Start Menu.  

The Modern Touch With Windows 10

If your software is stuck in the stone age, your business might belong there too.  

Modern technology serves us by streamlining and automating complex processes that have become interwoven with our everyday lives. Staying up to date means staying in touch with the cutting edge of usability and possibility. And it means your business can accomplish more.

Windows 10 now handles updates more efficiently thanks to the Unified Update Platform. This technology feature simplifies the update process by identifying and downloading the specific new changes that your computer needs. Simply put, your system will effortlessly stay secure and up to date.  

A Solution That Speaks for Itself  

Microsoft’s trusted reputation stems from an extensive history of revolutionary software development, and Windows 10 is their most advanced and intuitive operating system yet. It’s familiar but infinitely more functional, and once you upgrade to Windows 10, you’ll feel right at home.  

Upgrade to Windows 10 today and let technology take your business to the next level. Contact Tarsus Distribution or visit our website for more information.

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