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Choosing the Right Power Monitoring Software

August 18, 2020
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Along with power management tools, you will also need to ensure that you have the right power monitoring software in place to ensure that you are able to track power variations. In this guide, we share a list of important things to consider when choosing your software solution.

Power Monitoring Software

There are a few different factors to take into consideration when choosing software, from integration all the way to notifications and compatibility.

Power Monitoring Software Considerations

Get the most from your power monitoring software by keeping the following factors in mind.

Power Event Notifications

Ideally, you want software that is able to continually track the power supply. You should receive notifications in the form of pop-ups, alarms, email or text messages, alerting you to any disruptions or issues that may occur.

Virtualisation Platform Integration

You will need a software solution that is able to easily integrate within your virtual device management systems. This is to make sure that your UPS and rack PDUs within the virtual network can easily be tracked along with other information on networks, servers and storage.

Equipment Health Monitoring With Power Monitoring Software

A good power management software solution will monitor your entire power system’s overall health, tracking management and usage. This is the best way to ensure that UPS and batteries are in optimal condition, altering any failures to avoid downtime.

Cloud Management Platform Integration

Intelligent monitoring software should integrate within the health, performance and management of your cloud systems. This allows you to carefully track the health, efficiency and risk of power infrastructure on the cloud.

Power Consumption Monitoring With Power Monitoring Software

Alongside rack PDUs, the software should be able to provide energy monitoring. This will allow you to determine where power is used, spot equipment that is consuming too much power, simplify load balance and identify spare power capacity locations.

Compatibility With Devices

Finally, intelligent software should be fully compatible with all of your power devices, including UPS tools made by different manufacturers. Compatibility is essential so that current and new power devices can be monitored within the same software.

Keep these guidelines in mind and it will be much easier to find the power monitoring software that helps you keep track of your power management systems more effectively.

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