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The Importance Of Power Protection

August 25, 2020
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Power protection has become not just something useful, but instead something essential. Between loadshedding and unplanned outages, the damage that can be done to IT equipment and data centres is immense without protection in place. Power surges, power sages and interrupted power are difficult, if not impossible to avoid.

Power protection

When any of these happen and no protection is in place, the result is damaged highly expensive IT equipment and limited productivity.

No business can afford to take the risk of unprotected IT resources. With the help of a comprehensive, robust power protection system in place, the impact of outages can be greatly reduced.

Why Power Protection Is Critical For IT Operations

Why is power protection something you cannot afford to do without? Here are some of the biggest challenges of unprotected equipment.

  • Outages of any length can cause damage. Even if you lose power for less than a second, your equipment will be at risk, with downtimes that could last hours. As every business knows, downtime is extremely expensive, not to mention disruptive.
  • Utility power is not clean. Utility power varies greatly, which can affect IT assets. When there are variations in voltage, you may find that voltage is not always reliable in delivery. On top of outages, this will affect the operations of your equipment.
  • Utility power is not always reliable. Loadshedding is and will continue to be a major challenge for companies, with planned outages happening at any time. Often, there is little warning and often scheduled outages can be followed by unplanned power issues.
  • Generators only help to a point. Generators and surge suppressors are useful, but only to a point. The former will keep systems going during outages, but they are slow-starting, with minimal protection against power spikes. The latter protects against power spikes, but not against power cuts, under-voltage and brownouts.
  • Availability is essential. In today’s tech-focused world, IT has become an integral part of just about every business, taking a key role in all areas of business. Downed IT systems can bring major business processes to a standstill, leading to lost profits, lost productivity and many other issues.

Invest in comprehensive power protection for your IT needs and you will have full peace of mind knowing that your business will keep going, through loadshedding and beyond.

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