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How demand generation benefits channel partners

June 6, 2022
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A B2B marketer’s job is to increase demand, generate leads for the sales team, and help the sales team close deals. Demand generation is a valuable marketing strategy focused on building brand awareness and interest, resulting in high-quality leads for Tarsus Distribution’s channel partners. This is particularly important as more and more B2B buyers are leaning toward e-commerce, which is outperforming phone and email as the most popular channel.

It’s an approach that assists in making our partners’ marketing messages more authoritative and carry more weight with prospective clients. Ultimately, it enables us to help increase revenue across the ecosystem by generating strong leads and creating a predictable pipeline for our partners’ sales teams.

B2B partner enablement

We approach our reseller partners and advise them of the brands, products and stock we have on hand, and develop a strategic plan in line with their target markets. This helps to expand their audience, generates buzz, and drives traffic to transform interest into action.

We achieve this through rich content across multiple streams like blogs, mailers, SEO, sponsored posts on social media and Google, and advertising – all of which contribute to traffic to their ecommerce site.

Through our promo engine, we help our partners to maximise conversions by presenting highly targeted offers to B2B buyers based on their unique characteristics. Our partners provide space to Tarsus Distribution on their website, and we agree on which product categories to advertise, ensuring that we facilitate growth for both parties.

Partnership goals

The objective is to guide the target audience to engage with the content, to keep partner brands top of mind, and to move potential customers through the buyer’s journey until they become a qualified lead. A powerful call to action can then transform them into a customer.

For B2B customers not yet ready to make a purchase, we provide the option to speak directly with a solution expert who can give them the advice they require. Essentially, it’s about nurturing the customer throughout the entire journey.

Even if the customer does not make a purchase immediately, there is an awareness resulting in an opportunity for re-marketing. Our partner's similar product categories receive exposure and thus a potential sales qualified lead is generated if those products appear affordable. Importantly, we create connections that help to facilitate deeper relationships between our partners and their B2B customers. We also help those customers to understand not only what they want to purchase, but also why they want to purchase. Building that level of trust is invaluable.

Buying behaviour

Understanding B2B purchasing behaviour is a critical component of every campaign. We analyse conversion rates and fulfilment, as well as tracking buyer behaviour throughout the journey so that we can assess ways to enhance the user experience together with our partners, to further optimise the outcomes.

Shopping behaviour such as online traffic directed to the product, adding to cart, checking out with transactions and shopping abandonment are important metrics used to understand the website user behaviour.  Sometimes cart abandonment happens because buyers have a long list of demands or requirements that they would like to clear before they can carry on with their online purchase, which is why solution experts are so valuable.

Ultimately, our demand generation campaigns help partners to generate larger profit margins, reach a greater target audience, discover their demographic’s interests, and understand their website user behaviour.

In a crowded B2B technology market, buyers face enormous challenges when it comes to identifying, assessing and purchasing the solution that will best meet the needs of their company. Tarsus Distribution facilitates technology distribution throughout South Africa subsequently growing the technological economy. They need help. That is what our demand generation campaigns provide for them, while also helping our partners to boost their profits and build long-term clients.

"We believe that lead generation for channel partners and resellers is a vital part of any channel marketing strategy. No channel sales enablement process is complete without helping partners land the leads that turn into sales. Our demand generation benefits B2B marketing by increasing productivity, cyber security solutions, print for small businesses and computing products for all types of business." - Pashnie Govender, Campaign Manager: Demand Factory, Tarsus Distribution


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