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HP Neverstop Smart App: Print from the palm of your hand

August 17, 2020
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The HP Neverstop range of laser printers presents a timely solution for people who have made the move to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. HP Neverstop provides an all-in-one solution to the needs of printing, scanning and copying in these new, home-based conditions. Let's show you the HP Neverstop smart app. 

HP Neverstop smart app

Whether this change in working style is long-term or short-term, home-based workers need office-grade equipment that is reasonably priced, has a compact footprint to fit in limited working areas, and produces results of a professional level.

Faster Connection With The Wireless All-In-One Series

While technology has made it easier to work from home than it has ever been, your success in this field depends on equipping yourself with a few essential tools to enable you to maintain productivity and quality on the same level as in an office setting. HP Neverstop is designed to help you do so.

The HP Neverstop MFP 1200 series joins HP’s long line of all-in-one multifunction printers in freeing users to print from anywhere, using only a Wi-Fi connection and the HP Smart app.

HP Smart enables you to set up and manage your printer from your mobile device, view printer status, and send print jobs from absolutely anywhere while you are on the go. Need a document quickly but don’t have access to the office because of COVID-19 restrictions? Or perhaps you are running late and need documents in a hurry but don’t have direct access to your printer. Just send the document from your phone and you will find it printed and waiting for you on your HP Neverstop when you get there. You can even adjust your documents prior to printing, with modifications such as cropping or touching up images. You can scan documents on your printer and save them to your chosen cloud storage account. You can even order print supplies through your app.

HP Neverstop Smart App Lets You Print Without Wi-Fi

If there’s a situation where you have lost Wi-Fi connectivity for some reason, that’s not a problem. You can simply connect your device directly to the printer and easily print without the need for a network. HP Smart offers an interactive, hands-on printing experience, with notifications being sent to your phone whenever your printer is scanning, copying or printing from your phone.

HP Neverstop laser printers can facilitate this faster, more connected approach to printing. Along with the HP Smart connection, it also offers high-volume, quality printing at a low cost. Contact us for more information.

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