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3 Reasons Printing Solutions is Alive and Kicking

September 23, 2020
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In the digital world we’re living in today, you might be sitting in your brand-new home office wondering whether it’s worth investing in a printer. Does a digital world even need printing solutions? The answer is simpler than you thinkPrint is definitely alive and kicking, and adding surprising value.

by Bernice Hynard, Print Solutions Manager, Tarsus Distribution


Here Are Three Reasons Printing Solutions Elevates The Digital World 

  1. Print is the new niche 
  2. Digital may not be the ultimate superhero
  3. Digital is driving Managed Print Solutions (MPS) 

Covid-19 has impacted all sectors of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) space, including the business of printers and consumables, but there continue to be worthwhile opportunities for growth to be explored.  

The Multi-Function Printer (MFP) has a role to play in this new world where remote working is further accelerating a shift to digital technologies. This is especially true given the increased need for flexible working that bridges the gap between home and traditional office workspaces and the requirements of children and students who are learning from home. 


1. Print Is The New Niche 

Despite the digital revolution, print marketing has risen to artisanal status in the marketing industry. Ink on paper is creatively used in countless ways to set businesses apart and command attention within a noisy digital world.  

Printed items are often treasured for months or even years after they have been received and given pride of place in offices and homes alikePair this longevity with unlimited creativity and the printed medium proves itself highly relevant. 

There remains a lot to be said about the feeling of legitimacy that print delivers. Whether it’s a document, certificate or a sentimental family photograph, print is tangiblea sensory experience. 

Print lives in our day-to-day spaces, providing us with an ambient comfort of inspiring visual reference that doesn’t disappear when we close the screen.  

2. Digital May Not Be The Ultimate Superhero, Printing Solutions Still Stand Out

The over-saturation of digital platforms and their ongoing privacy issues could be the Achilles heel of digital.  

At the same time, the printer manufacturing industry is embracing innovations, integrating with digital technology, and becoming more customised in line with customer needs. Print vendors who are reshaping their businesses for tomorrow will thrive even after the pandemic is over by continuing to integrate digital and analogue technology. 

3. Digital Is Driving Managed Print Solutions (MPS) 

In the current work we are likely to see: 

  • A rise in demand for secure home office printing solutions; 
  • Greater opportunities to better leverage smart multi-function printers for document capture and the initiation of an automated workflow; and 
  • Cloud-based print management services that enable cost-effective, scalable and sustainable print infrastructure. 

Multi-function printers connected to the internet can play a role in digital transformation strategies, providing the ability to capture and share data that can be shared with other systems. 

In a world that revolves around content, printers support the growth of the digital workplace. In both our personal and work lives, we are consuming more and more content, not less, even though our mechanism of consumption has changed. Smart printers and managed print solutions have evolved into the onramp to the digital world, enabling better management of our content on our networks.  

Now that you know the benefits of print, do you know what kind of printer to invest in?

Print, in our current context, brings enormous value to businesses of all sizes. It is part of the evolution towards more digitised workplaces. Just as radio survived video, the printer will evolve to meet the growing demands of a digital world. 

Have we piqued your interest? Take a look at the Tarsus Distribution partner pages to find out how your print questions can be answered: 

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