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Dell Latitude - your anytime, anywhere office

June 8, 2022
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George Moss, Business Unit Manager: Dell CSG, Tarsus 

If technology made distributed or mobile work potentially possible, the COVID-19 pandemic made it an absolute necessity. A “temporary” adjustment is seemingly here to stay, with billions of workers across the globe now working remotely, or on the go.

The challenge now is to ensure that location-independent employee workspaces are collaborative, productive environments that enable staff members to access critical business applications remotely and securely. Cloud technology that has been key to enabling remote work - whether at home or in the field. People can remotely access the same software, applications, and data as they would in physical offices. 

The benefits are significant. Remote workforces enable better customer service with instant answers to customers by remotely accessing data instead of having to wait until they return to the office. Daily commutes are eliminated so that people can enjoy better work/life balance. This translates into happier employees, greater productivity, and fewer sick days. Their employers can save millions in capital expenditure on buildings, or monthly office rentals. Organisations can also offer around-the-clock customer service or maintain continuous workflows with staff members scattered across a wide range of time zones. Should they suffer downtime from a catastrophe or some other event, employees who are mobile are able to carry on working.

Dell CSG

But it all depends on the right equipment. Dell Latitude is the most intelligent and secure business PC range with built-in AI, meaning each organisation’s perfect office is wherever they want it to be. These machines also feature privacy powered by intelligence and boast the world’s most comprehensive suite of intelligent privacy features, including Onlooker Detection and Look Away Detect.

The Latitude range enables users to collaborate as if they are sitting across from their coworkers. Intelligent audio includes Neural Noise Cancellation, which eliminates unwanted background noise as well as the background noise of the participants on any given call. Also, high-quality video in every lighting condition is enabled by FHD IR cameras with dual sensors and temporal noise reduction helps users to look their best, irrespective of the space they are in, or the time of day.

In terms of performance, the Latitude range can handle today’s multi-tasking demands powered by Intel vPro with 11th Gen Intel up to Core i7 processors. Dell also has an ideal peripheral for every user, including wireless keyboards, mobile USB-C adapters, multi-USB adapters, wireless mice, and many more.


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