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HPE ProLiant Gen11 Servers: Addressing SMEs’ most pressing challenges

September 8, 2023
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HPE ProLiant Gen11 Servers: Addressing SMEs’ most pressing challenges

Most businesses are dealing with tough challenges  to transform digitally, manage security risks, and operate efficiently. This is particularly true for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that can accelerate their businesses by unlocking the next level of innovation, efficiency, and customer experience.

However, addressing these challenges is not easy, and to do this effectively means having a trusted partner with expertise to deliver a new kind of technology that is designed for today’s digital era.

SMEs need solutions that are optimised for their most demanding workloads, that address any security challenges, that are automated and easy to run, and that gives them the power to choose how to deploy, now, and as they expand.

As data demands move from the edge to cloud, and modern, evolving workloads carry on stretching the abilities of yesterday’s technology to the maximum, businesses of every size are faced with the challenge of how to bolster their Information and communications technology (ICT) foundations.

Every workload also has different requirements that need to be met to get the job done, with variables such as latency, scale, performance, finances, and locationwhich are key to addressing the question of what is optimal.

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A hybrid working world
HPE ProLiant Gen11 Servers
Speeding up innovation
Trusted security, by design

A hybrid working world

In addition, large enterprises were not the only organisations that needed to suddenly support working from home a few years ago, and now have to support the hybrid workforces we see today.

SMEs found themselves in the same situation as their corporate counterparts and, needed to make the same modifications secure and reliable access to the workloads and applications their staff members depended on to do their jobs at that time and even today.

This means they have to ensure files and data are stored centrally on a secure server to protect information, prevent misuse of data, and preserve version control. They also need to offer the reliability and the performance employees require to be productive while keeping things simple for IT and guaranteeing that proprietary data is protected.

HPE ProLiant Gen11 Servers

To address same challenges, the HPE ProLiant Gen11 portfolio features a range of servers that deliver best-in-class performance and efficiency. These servers are designed for a broad spectrum of organisations including those at the edge, large corporations, SMEs, private cloud, data analytics, and telco service providers. They were designed for today’s hybrid environments to deliver a fully intuitive cloud operating experience, embedded security by design, and optimised performance for all workloads.

The portfolio enables productive and efficient work-from-home experiences by offering a solution that is perfect for organisations with under 100 users. 

In fact, HPE ProLiant Gen11 Servers ensure that workforces can work efficiently from any place, by providing remote access to the full suite of office applications and data. The solution also ensures that remote access is safe and secure without any impact on performance or restriction of features.

Importantly, because software applications are hosted and data is stored in a central on-site location, businesses can remain in full control.

Speeding up innovation

Server management is a complex and onerous distraction that takes SMEs away from their core business, while consuming IT resources and impeding innovation at the same time.  .

However, with the HPE ProLiant Gen11 next-generation portfolio, the management experience is entirely transformed. The portfolio offers an intuitive cloud operating experience that is easy to use and can be managed via a single console using HPE GreenLake.

HPE GreenLake enables SMEs to maintain control over their data and systems, by simplifying and uniting operations across the entire server lifecycle, irrespective of where the organisation’s compute infrastructure resides. In this way, SMEs can rid themselves of complexity, and enjoy a consistent, secure cloud experience for their full environment that scales seamlessly as needed and brings compute management together. 

Trusted security, by design

All generations of HPE ProLiant servers are engineered with a fundamental approach to security to ensure that businesses are protected from today’s sophisticated and complex threats. From start to finish, from the factory to the cloud, HPE ProLiant has an uncompromising focus on state-of-the-art security that’s built into the company’s DNA. 

SMEs can rest assured that their infrastructure, workloads, and data is protected from threats to hardware, as well as risks from third-party software, via the trusted edge-to-cloud security posture built on a HPE compute core and hardened via the company’s proven zero-trust approach to cybersecurity.

In addition, over four million lines of firmware are protected from malicious code and ransomware by employing a digital fingerprint that is unique to the customer’s specific server. In this way, infrastructure is protected from malware through early detection and the automated recovery of a compromised server.

Finally, old infrastructure can be easily retired, with simple, safeguarded removal of passwords, configuration settings, and data.

Contact us to explore the potential of HPE ProLiant servers and discover how they can transform your SME into a powerhouse of growth and innovation.

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