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How to Optimise your Work-from-home Space

August 5, 2021
Read Time 2 mins

Gregg Barker, Business unit manager, Tarsus Distribution 

What do you need to optimise your home space to be most productive for you? These essential accessories will not only boost your productivity but also the quality of your work.


Laptop bag

Laptop bags come in a variety of designs to suit those who prefer hand-held sleeves, backpacks and over the shoulder totes. Choose one styled for work and pleasure and make sure it provides protection for your precious laptop. 


Mobile docking station

Turn your laptop into a workstation with a compact mobile docking station. The main purpose of a docking station is to connect your devices in a seamless manner. Docking stations for laptops increase mobility and improve efficiency by allowing you to connect peripherals and other accessories, transforming your single screen to a dual, triple, or quad, giving you a for desktop experience, regardless of your device’s hardware or brand. No longer will you need to carry multiple cables and adapters to connect and charge all your devices. The longevity of a universal solution will survive multiple laptop refreshes and work with a mix of devices. 


Portable Ergonomic Laptop/Tablet Stand

Reduce neck and eye strain with an ergonomic laptop/tablet stand that puts your device in an optimal position for daily work. Look for a stand that is adjustable, compact and lightweight. 


Keyboard covers

A keyboard cover helps protect keyboards from dust, accidental spills and germs. Choose one that is washable and reusable, and thin enough to allow for easy typing. 


Laptop cooling pads

With more and more power available in thinner devices, a cooling pad can help to keep your laptop at an optimal temperature. 


Laptop cable locks

To prevent theft, never leave your laptop in a vehicle, don’t walk away from your laptop in open or public spaces, and invest in a laptop security lock. Locks provide an inexpensive first line of defence against expensive data loss. 


Privacy/Blue light filter

As well as protecting on-screen data from prying eyes, privacy screens are anti-glare with a blue light filter. This can help to prevent eyestrain and headaches and improve reading comfort. 



A stylus changes the way you use your touchscreen device. With a textured, durable, high performance tip it improves accuracy and provides an ultra-responsive feel. It also helps to avoid germs and bacteria on shared touchscreen devices. 

Creating a comfortable, sustainable way of working will support productivity and user engagement in your business. It’s not where you work, it’s how you work.  


Tarsus Distribution has a wide range of products and accessories to help you and your organisation turn reimagine your workspace, including Targus, Phillips, Dell, HP and more. 

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