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Support when you need it - from Dell

June 3, 2022
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Chris Larkins, Enterprise Business Unit Manager, Tarsus

The rapidly evolving economic and business landscape has put organisations under pressure to introduce new technologies into their environments. Innovations such as big data, cloud, Internet of things, the edge, intelligent automation, containerisation and app modernisation can make the picture very complex. These technologies bring substantial benefits but require a high level of expertise to support.

The challenge is exacerbated by the new generation of customers and workers who interact via tablets, smartphones and laptops. Customer service is evolving from multi-channel to agile–the ability to start an interaction via one communication channel and finish it via another. Forward-thinking businesses have to expand their range of support channels, to serve customers in the way they choose.

Dell’s ProSupport is proactive, predictive and reactive support for systems that look after business-critical applications and workloads, enabling clients to adopt complex technologies with confidence, by having experts on hand when needed.

ProSupport improves IT performance and stability via automated proactive and predictive recommendations and maximises workload availability through automated support enabled by SupportAssist and Secure Remote Services. Users enjoy an assigned Service Account Manager who knows their specific needs. Having priority access to specialised support engineers enables faster issue diagnosis and resolution, guaranteeing minimum disruption to the business.

Over and above the resolution of any issues, customers using ProSupport can support new tools and solutions with the peace of mind that they are not disrupting the user. It doesn’t matter whether they are adding new equipment to a data centre or migrating end users to a new range laptops, as it will happen seamlessly, with limited downtime.

Another solution, the ProDeploy enterprise suite from Dell, helps organisations in every industry quicken enterprise technology adoption with deployment services designed specifically for them. ProDeploy brings a single point of contact for project management to its users, as well as installation and onsite system software configuration, and boasts 30 full days of post-deployment configuration help. Another plus is 24x7 onsite installation, user setting and data migration, as well as system management, software imaging and configuration. This enables customers to get new systems and technologies up and running as rapidly as possible, and with no glitches.

Both ProDeploy and ProSupport were designed to help organisations accelerate their transformations from the edge, all the way to the core, by enabling smart planning, seamless data migration, and 100% reliability.

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