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Dell PowerProtect: The ultimate choice in cloud data protection

October 12, 2023
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As businesses grapple with escalating data volumes, they encounter fresh challenges in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, such as the introduction of more stringent compliance standards, increasingly complex threats, and the escalating demand for real-time information. 

 Every year, thousands of data attacks target businesses in every sector, leading to the common wisdom that when it comes to data breaches, it’s no longer a case of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Billions of private records have been exposed over the last few years, leading to major fines being levied against companies that have failed to adequately secure customer data, and immeasurable damage to reputations. 

 High-profile corporations such as Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and Adobe have all fallen prey to cyber breaches, shining the spotlight on the fact that all enterprises must prioritise data security, irrespective of their size or industry. With the average cost of a data breach standing at several million dollars, the message is unequivocal. 

Covered in this article

Taking proactive steps 
Securing a digital economy 
Data protection appliances 
A clear leader in PBBA 
High standards across the board 

Taking proactive steps 

 As a growing number of businesses take proactive steps to bolster their security posture, it becomes clear that upgrading weak authentication systems and outdated hardware has an essential role to play in an organisation's overall security posture.  

Likewise, ensuring businesses are shielded against disruptions, be this denial of service, cyberattacks, data theft, misconfigurations, or infrastructure upgrades, while also seeing that they possess the resilience to respond to any malicious interferences and maintain business continuity is essential. 

Securing a digital economy 

In addition, in today's digital economy, companies are compelled to explore innovative approaches to accelerate IT transformation, achieve better business outcomes, and stay ahead of the curve.  

These outcomes may include enhancing competitiveness, forging new revenue streams, or enhancing operational efficiency. To meet these objectives, a robust foundation of data protection that is truly capable of keeping pace with determined adversaries, burgeoning volumes of data, evolving workloads, and distributed workloads across the edge, core, and cloud, is vital. This must be achieved while safeguarding the existing mission-critical applications and infrastructure too. 

Data protection appliances 

Data protection appliances have been around in the market for over a decade, and since their inception, they have gained popularity among organisations aiming to enhance the dependability, speed, and efficiency of their backup and recovery processes.  

Over time, these appliances have continuously refined their storage and processing capabilities to provide increasingly better levels of performance, efficiency, and scalability, while also expanding the scope of data protection applications. 

In 2010, IDC began tracking this market segment, categorising it as “Purpose-Built Backup Appliances" (PBBA). The PBBA market is made up of two types of systems, target systems, which need standalone backup software or integration with existing applications, and integrated systems, which offer comprehensive protection by combining storage and software within a single appliance. 

A clear leader in PBBA 

 Dell Technologies, brought to the South African market by Tarsus Distribution, has maintained its position as the top provider in the PBBAs market since IDC started tracking this segment.  

 The tech giant, understanding the trust its customers place in it for their data protection needs, introduced the PowerProtect range of appliances which epitomise the next generation of systems, designed to be straightforward, efficient, and adaptable, capable of meeting even the most exacting data protection demands. 

 PowerProtect simplifies the data protection process by offering a single destination for all an organisation's data security requirements. Choosing the right solution for any particular environment and needs is made easy with Dell, as it is the only provider that offers integrated and target systems, virtual editions, and data protection software, providing the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions to safeguard a company’s critical data.  

 This unified approach saves companies valuable time that would otherwise be spent searching for solutions from multiple vendors, reducing their exposure to data loss and financial risks. Furthermore, Dell’s PowerProtect solutions are easily accessible through flexible consumption and payment options within Dell Technologies APEX - a console that provides self-service access to a catalogue of cloud services and guides users through the entire technology lifecycle. 

High standards across the board 

 Dell's data protection appliances have consistently set high standards for performance, efficiency, and scalability. In today's landscape, where the need for lower total cost of ownership, the management of explosive data growth, and stringent service level requirements are paramount, architectural choices become more crucial than ever.  

 PowerProtect appliances continue to build upon this legacy by delivering enhanced value, and by providing the agility necessary to ensure that data protection not only adapts to new workloads but also drives your transformation.  

 Users can extend their capabilities to the cloud for long-term retention, leverage the cloud for orchestrated disaster recovery, back up data and applications in the cloud, utilise the PowerProtect Cyber Recovery data vaulting solution, and protect advanced VMware environments and emerging workloads such as Kubernetes. 

 Dell PowerProtect Appliances offer an all-in-one data protection software and storage solution within a single appliance, delivering capabilities such as backup, replication, recovery, search, analytics, and more. This is the fastest way for any businesses of all sizes to modernise their data protection strategies for the future. 

 If you need help managing your data security, contact Tarsus Distribution today. 

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