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Meet Hans, The Leader Of The Eaton Toy Force

May 31, 2021
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As the leader of the Eaton Toy Force, Hans is responsible for keeping it all together.

Eaton Toy Force

Hans is in charge of Eaton’s Power Advantage Partner Programme and acts as an extra pair of hands whenever you need it. Hans thrives on your success and wants you to unlock the potential of new revenue, acquire new customers and close larger deals, while you gain greater margins.

There may be other partner programs out there – but you won't find one that's more rewarding. That's because Eaton sees things from a unique perspective: yours. Eaton knows your customers look to you to help them keep their businesses up and running and design the right solution for the right application. So, we've created a program that provides the elements you need, with the support you want and the rewards you deserve.

Powering Your Expertise With Eaton Toy Force

With the Eaton PAP Programme, you earn more as you learn more. Eaton offers you a complete array of service and solution courses, modules, and Power Advantage Academy tutorials to maximise your knowledge, your customer service capabilities, and your sales potential.

Powering Your Demand Creation

Providing a broad spectrum of content for demand generation activities, the partner programme provides everything you need to market, promote and grow your Eaton power management business.

Powering Your Margins

As a partner, you will not just benefit from Eaton´s market-leading positioning and products: we’re also committed to making sure you get even greater margins through Eaton’s Deal Registration and MDF (Marketing Development Fund) Programmes.

Growing Together With Eaton Toy Force

The Eaton Power Advantage partner programme is designed to help you grow your business with Eaton’s intelligent power management technology. It offers tangible advantages like higher margins, business development opportunities and comprehensive marketing and sales support. Increase your revenues and margins and offer your customers better service and support.

Save More Time

  • Pre-defined reference architecture and on-demand engineering resources
  • Avoid having solution architects racking and stacking
  • In-depth power expertise simplifies quoting even complex configurations

Make More Money

  • Capability to sell complete solutions and service offerings
  • Achieve higher margins through a solution selling approach
  • Being “the total package” gives you an edge over the competition

Reduce Risk With Eaton Toy Force

  • Diversify your offering and decrease the risk for your business
  • Develop a consistent revenue stream built on service offerings
  • Product management products give you an industry-leading advantage

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