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Alligning Your ICT Team With Dell Devices

October 4, 2022
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CIOs have been tasked with the herculean feat of modernising business operations while keeping the lights on. How do you balance the work of running the business while transforming IT? By embracing unified workstations and organising product teams to carefully manage people, processes and technology. In this article, we take a look at why kitting out your entire workforce with Dell devices can streamline your IT department.

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Covered In This Article:

Why Product Models Help Align IT with the Business
People, Processes and Technology In Harmony
The Right Tool For The Job
Creating Workforce Personas

Dell Technologies works with customers and partners to deliver innovative solutions that provide customers big benefits. Click here to find out more about Dell's product offerings for your business.

Why Product Models Help Align IT with the Business

To complement the ICT efforts to keep technological issues at bay, consider instituting a product model that helps you align people, processes and technology. The perfect product model will help your ICT team execute nimbly on short-term deliverables with an eye on the long game.

To that end, organisations should lean into a model that sees all departments operating on the same line of devices. This gives ICT the ability to understand that set manufacturer's iterative features. As CIOs and technical departments would know, understanding and being able to navigate a single BIOS or system – as opposed to different setups across the board – can make the task at hand much easier.

Importantly, this process requires IT to work together with the business, with teams collaborating to achieve outcomes. If change is required, course correction happens quickly. Moreover, this would help IT achieve frequent wins, which is a great motivator, as it elevates them in the eyes of the business.

Unified Workspace

Dell Technologies Unified Workspace is the tech manufacturer's industry-leading and comprehensive solution to deploy, secure, manage and support your devices from the cloud. Give your employees seamless, hassle-free experiences with industry-leading expertise from VMware, SecureWorks and Dell, no matter where they work.

By integrating factory and cloud, we’re able to provision devices using UEM providers. Then we ship systems directly to employees, anywhere, everywhere. They can hit the ground running, and IT can focus on what’s next.

  • Delegate  Provisioning: IT leverages the Dell factory for provisioning tasks, taking the burden off of IT,
  • Faster to Work: Similar to smartphones, devices are ready-to-work, right out-of-the-box,
  • Eliminating IT Touchpoints: Provisioning processes are automated and dynamic, requiring no desk-side support from IT.

With Dell's Unified Workspace you can secure your business with trusted devices, trusted access and trusted data that doesn’t impede your employees’ ability to work anywhere, anytime or compromise their productivity.

Users can expect:

  • Secure collaboration anywhere with zero-trust security,
  • Trusted devices with security built-in,
  • Safe solutions to protect above and below the BIOS.

Simplified Management With Dell

Dell Technologies offers simplified solutions to ease the stress of PC management and empower a productive workforce. Implementing your modern management strategy begins with the technology that is built into your Dell device. Dell Client Command Suite removes the complexity of setting up, monitoring and updating your fleet.

Securely deliver and manage apps with VMware Workspace ONE, an intelligence-driven digital workspace. Workspace ONE integrates access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management into a single console.

People, Processes and Technology In Harmony

Organisations are facing a range of challenges – inflation, slowing economic growth and ongoing supply constraints. Many companies are struggling to predict what’s on the immediate horizon for their business. However, one thing is clear: they continue to see technology investments as key to their competitive advantage. They need a partner who can work with them and deliver in any environment. Dell Technologies' overarching goal is to be that trusted partner, helping their customers and partners compete and succeed.

Modernising the business requires a delicate dance of putting people, processes and technology in the best positions for success and aligning them all along cloud and product models. CIOs can leave the right legacy by ensuring that the business remains nimble, capable of regular modernisation and resilient for years to come. Technology trends are forever changing, and businesses must change with them. What surprised and delighted a customer in 2020 won’t mean much in 2022, let alone 2025.

Creating Workforce Personas

Workforce Persona services will help you put your employees first by providing the right devices, apps, and data to the workforce.

Identifying employee devices, apps and data needs allows them to be segmented into clearly defined groups or personas. This makes it easy to tailor and market services to your workforce, delivering the right combination of technology and IT support to maximise productivity.

Key benefits include:

  • Improve worker experiences using the right technology for the way they work,
  • Align services to support the modern workplace and unique workstyles,
  • Simplify consumption of IT resources.

For organisations looking to embark on workforce transformation initiatives, Dell Technologies’ new ProConsult Advisory Services can help develop a plan that aligns key stakeholders around a common strategy with a roadmap for transitioning from current to future state using our AS-IS / TO-BE methodology.

A successful journey starts with a well-thought-out plan. How detailed your plan needs to depend on your specific business requirements. Available in 1 day, 3 weeks, 6 weeks or completely custom engagements, our ProConsult Advisory Services can help you develop a plan for realising your workforce initiatives.


The Right Tool For The Job

When it comes to providing tools and technology to today’s increasingly hybrid workforce, one size doesn’t fit all. And what does fit the needs of your team members today, may not fit tomorrow.

Not all departments require the same workstations boasting the same capabilities. For example, accounting would need less processing power than design and development. would. In fact, this sentiment can be taken even further. Home-based workers require more video capability support but less mobility. Battery life is no longer as important. As the workforce subsequently becomes more hybrid, team member priorities shift yet again to technologies and tools that accommodate a mix of home, office and mobile work.

Instead of giving everybody the same PC, CIOs and ICT leaders should match PCs and peripherals with individuals based on their function, role and location. With this in mind, Dell Technologies offers an extensive list of desktop and laptop devices that can fit your respective departments' needs.

In summary, organisations should:

  1. Redefine persona framework based on up-to-date hybrid and office-bound workforce research,
  2. Create a set of tools to monitor and shape the team member experience based on new data insights on systems and satisfaction,
  3. Provide premium device and technology experiences, not just PCs but the ecosystem, including displays, peripherals, conferencing solutions and software to cater to specific user/ persona needs.

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