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Why Microsoft Surface is the answer for today’s modern businesses

May 31, 2023
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Why Microsoft Surface is the answer for today’s modern businesses

By Justine Louw

The pace of technological change and the shift to hybrid work environments during the pandemic have had a tremendous impact on the way businesses operate today.

While some sectors have returned to traditional office setups, many have recognised the potential and opportunities that remote work facilitates and are looking for the right tools to ensure that distributed workforces have what they need to work effectively while at the office, or at home.  

Fortunately, the Microsoft Surface family of devices aligns with this need, making it an ideal choice for businesses in every vertical. It offers several advantages, including cost savings on hardware and software, exclusive features, and adaptability to suit the unique needs of businesses. With the ability to work from anywhere, these devices combine the functionalities of a laptop and a tablet in a single device.

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Unrivalled quality
Accelerated cloud

Unrivalled quality

When it comes to top-quality Windows hardware, Microsoft's Surface brand is unparalleled. Renowned for its innovative tablet-like designs, the Surface line has expanded over the years to include a comprehensive range of machines, ranging from standard laptops to high-end desktops.

The Surface range is made up of a series of touchscreen-based personal computers, tablets, and interactive whiteboards, all designed and developed by Microsoft. These are ideal in a work-from-anywhere (WFA) environment, as staff members need highly portable devices without compromising on functionality.

One of the key strengths of Microsoft Surface devices is their versatility, as they offer tailored solutions for different industries and diverse hardware needs. Microsoft understands the varying requirements of different sectors, and the extensive range of devices within the Surface lineup caters to this diversity.

If we look at some of the benefits of Microsoft Surface, they include:

Enabling flexibility – The Microsoft Surface family offers the ultimate 2-in-1 laptop-tablet experience, coupled with seamlessly connectable keyboards, enabling hybrid work in any setting or location. Change the way you interact with your device and get in all down on one device wherever you are. All devices are equipped with touch and inking as well as enhanced noise reduction for productive team calls regardless of the surrounding environment.

Unleashing creativity – Boasting enhanced graphics software, increased pixel density, and ink-touch technology, Microsoft Surface devices have become indispensable tools for professionals across industries.

All day battery life – Survive the stages of loadshedding with up to 19 hours of battery life.

Enhancing security – Committed to providing better solutions for remote work and creative tasks, the Microsoft Surface range places a strong emphasis on ensuring robust security measures.

Minimising downtime – Receive comprehensive support from partners when and how you need it, with around-the-clock, same-day phone support for diagnostics and most fixes. Benefit from one-on-one setup services to quickly regain productivity.

Extended warranty – Opt for Complete for Business to extend Surface coverage for up to four years, safeguarding against hardware defects or malfunctions. With Next business day advanced exchange available in South Africa you can drive retention on certain commercial devices.

Surface+ Offers – available on certain Microsoft productivity packages.

Moreover, equipping the entire workforce with Surface devices breeds familiarity and promotes collaboration among users. Gone are the days when using someone else's device for presentations or accessing files on a colleague's system posed a real challenge.

This streamlined approach also reduces the burden on a company’s internal IT department. Support becomes standardised and easily deployable, squashing any debates about device capabilities or compatibility with specific fixes. Updates and upgrades are simplified as they all revolve around a unified platform and software.

Furthermore, some industries thrive on adaptability, with staff commuting between offices and working in various locations. The Surface range effortlessly adapts to cater to user needs, offering the convenience of tablets and the high performance of laptops, all packed with features.

Accelerated cloud

Even in the days pre-pandemic, many forward-thinking businesses had embraced or started adopting flexible remote work policies to capitalise on the clear benefits. However, the pandemic accelerated this journey for everyone, and saw the cloud become the backbone which enabled remote and hybrid work, providing entities with the means to support geographically dispersed workforces.

And while many cloud services are available for businesses, Microsoft's services, bundled with Surface devices, offer unique advantages. Office 365, for instance, delivers a secure version of Office, enabling employees to work from anywhere on any device.

On the other hand, Microsoft Azure provides a comprehensive suite of apps and services, enabling companies to create customised, internet-enabled platforms tailored to their specific needs. These services often come with free trials and discounts when purchasing Surface products, so businesses can test them without committing.

Additionally, OneDrive, alongside SharePoint, offers web-based storage and collaboration capabilities, ensuring a personalised experience for storing private files and collaborating with both internal and external stakeholders.

Although not every job or industry will transition to 100% remote work, all organisations can harness the benefits of cloud apps and services to enable workers both in remote and office settings. This is why investing in a Surface device goes beyond buying hardware, it is an investment in employees and their productivity.

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