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Revolutionising the way IT security teams can tackle complex cyber-attacks

August 25, 2022
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 IT security

By Vanessa Lewis, Business Development Manager

Today’s threat landscape is volatile and fast-growing, and an increasing number of organisations find themselves having to deal with highly complex and damaging cyber-incidents, caused by APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats), multi-stage or targeted attacks. The common maxim today, is that if it hasn’t happened already, it's only a matter of time before a company’s IT security team will find themselves on the front line, facing down one of the new generations of cyber threats.

However, while stopping threats before they penetrate the security perimeter is not always possible, stopping them from spreading to limit the damage, is. And when it comes to today’s advanced, targeted, and complex attacks, the speed of incident resolution is key, making the difference between a minor and a catastrophic incident. But this isn’t always easy, as these threats present very specific challenges. They typically involve many aspects of the company’s infrastructure and need expert knowledge and experience to mitigate. Unfortunately, the vast majority of organisations simply don’t have the necessary skills to do this in-house.

In order to fight today’s attackers, entities need to build consistent and ongoing incident investigation and response processes, nurture and support IT security talent, and use their time and resources most effectively. This is where having an expert security partner comes in - a partner that can help companies nurture their team’s defensive power with industry-leading technology that is backed by elite intelligence, knowledge, and expert guidance from the greatest minds that the cyber security industry has to offer.

Step in Kaspersky Expert Security, brought to South Africa by Tarsus Distribution, which offers unmatched visibility from east to west as well as a massive global footprint. Furthermore, more than a third of the highly qualified specialists working at Kaspersky are research and development (R&D) specialists who develop and maintain all of the company’s in-house technology, which is key to providing a holistic approach to security. Kaspersky has an elite group of more than 40 security experts from its Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) who operate all around the world, providing leading threat intelligence and research to remain ahead of today’s complex threats. Finally, it is the only cyber security company with a fully realised transparency initiative.

In essence, Kaspersky Expert Security is a comprehensive defensive concept that equips, informs, and guides an organisation’s security team in their battle against the most sophisticated and targeted cyber-attacks that plague companies today. It is an Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform that features an ideally matched combination of industry-leading technology, elite threat intelligence, human expertise, training, and services, backed by the greatest minds in cyber security today. Kaspersky’s holistic approach nurtures and builds security team’s cyber security power over multi-dimensional threat discovery, effective investigations, and proactive threat hunting, delivering a rapid, and centralised response to the full spectrum of modern, sophisticated threats

It also revolutionises the way IT security teams are able to take control of complex cyber-attacks. Instead of promising a ‘silver-bullet’ solution that does not exist, Kaspersky adopts a holistic strategy to help equip, inform and reinforce an organisation’s in-house experts to face down the full spectrum of today’s sophisticated threats, such as APTs and targeted attacks. Similarly, knowledge pools are enriched with the knowledge and

experience they need, experts are upskilled, to be able to deal with complex incidents, and organisations can call upon external experts for assessment, immediate support and backup.

Armed with expert technology, Kaspersky Expert Security will ensure a company’s in-house teams have all the advanced technologies, actionable threat intelligence, and technical skills they require to ensure they stay one step ahead of their adversaries - and they can do this, with the peace of mind of knowing that the globe’s top cyber security minds are with them all the way.

“Advanced persistent threats are a growing concern in the African region. These cyberattacks are impacting organizations across different industries. Specifically, governments, diplomatic entities and education institutions are increasingly being targeted by APT groups. South Africa has joined Nigeria and Egypt forming the three most targeted countries on the continent,” comments James Gumede, Kaspersky Southern African Development Community territory account manager.  

To fight the most sophisticated cyber-incidents, and to adapt to a changing threat environment, an organization needs to be equipped with the right advanced technologies, powered by threat intelligence, staffed by skilled and fully informed inhouse professionals, and backed by world-class 3rd party expertise. The result is a full spectrum of defenses against the most complex, APT-like attacks and targeted campaigns. Kaspersky Expert Security offers a complete arsenal of advanced defense technologies and services to boost the effectiveness of your IT-security talents and your SOC team.” 

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